Evil food post 2

Inspired by Danny’s drool inducing Japanese food post, I dug up some food pictures which hasn’t been posted :P

“Fight poison with poison?” (以毒攻毒!)

My Dollfie dream girl Aki is in that Maid outfit for a while now lol <3 Partly due to that lovely tea set ^^;

Yoshi can has cake? (No he cannot lol)

These cakes are quite photogenic :P

Danny fondly calls Mc Donald’s(マクドーナルドー )”Health food”… LOL I was very curious about their buttermilk biscuit breakfast and managed to get Husband to take me one morning… :P No more greasy breakfast for a while LOL!

Bacon was overdone ^^;

One of my recent favorite crepe – Mazazu Crepe マザーズクレープ  :3 Mai explained to me that Mazazu actually is the katakana of  “Mother” XD that’s so neat!

I really like their sweet crepes too, but usually after a savory one, we’re quite full ^^; So It makes sense to share :P

Different day ^^; Lopsided burger at White Spot XD

Random omake: Cutting out stickers to be included in the doll clothing ^^/! You can buy the ticker from my zazzle shop, but at times they do have the stickers at 50% off (which was when I bought a bunch)

Me photobombing my husband‘s photos LOL

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  1. Samejima
    Samejima says:

    You should frequently post food photos too chun! I do post what we ate at the restaurant from time to time.. maybe selecting some for my portfolio. Even yucky foods look really good in photos. lol

  2. chun
    chun says:

    hehehe I’ll try :) sometimes we eat the same thing over and over LOL :P so it kinda got boring? and I agree, sometimes photos lies!!!

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