Dressing up Mascots

Before I left for Japan, (I’m back now, with a ton of photos to sort out, jet lag etc… ^^;) had the pleasure of drawing santa outfits for a couple different poses on Jlist’s mascot Megumi chan <3 Please note I did not draw the actual mascot ^^/ Just the santa outfit for 2 poses :3

Jbox.com (safe for work) / Jlist.com (have adult content ^^;)

Also managed to squeeze some work for Danny before we made our way to our trip… (under the cut :P)

I love DMYO’s work! So moe!!!! >_<;;;;/ I must thank an artist friend of mine who told me one of my strong points was to be able to somehow blend my work to suit other artist’s style, I think I still have much to learn, especially after working with Danny to pay attention to detail and such ^o^;> But I really enjoyed being able to do something closer to my heart :)

Mirai Suenaga art by DMYO, I drew the Maid mirai outfit with input from Danny ^^/

Thank you guys, and everyone who had been supporting my work!!!