Richmond Night Market

Went to the Richmond Night Market at Bridgeport station near the River Rock Casino last Friday.

We almost didn’t go due to the weather forecast saying it would rain, it didn’t rain but man, it was cold >_<;

You need to pay a dollar to enter, and they were trying to sell multi entry passes for $10 and up I think? (if I did not recall wrongly) but we weren’t sure if we were gonna go that often to make it worthwhile so… we just paid for one entry per person ^^;

One of our main reason for going was to support our friend’s Yo Yo Tsuri stall (I brought my dolls along with me :P)

The other was to check out the food! :P If you intend to go, it will get expensive if you decide to try more than one type of food ^^; A lot of the food starts from $5 and upwards… >_<;

Our first pick was our favorite of the night — ROTATO! It was yummy… and a novelty haha! The queue was always long, and got longer as the evening wore on ^^;

We heard the price was increased due to the popularity of the Rotato on the first night ^^; It did not deter people from queuing up to buy for sure!

Husband was tempted to try the grilled food, but we were a little hesitant after we looked at the prices ^^;

Had Bakudanyaki, curry flavor

Lots of sauce lol can’t see the ball :P

Tried the takoyaki, unfortunately felt a bit disappointed, the Takoyaki balls were not very flavorful, inside is a bit too mushy — felt almost uncooked… Must eat Takoyaki in Japan again!

Curious about the rice burger, it’s not Mosburger haha, the patty was quite good, but too much rice on the patties ^^;

I miss the perfect Taiwanese sugar coated strawberries, the ones I see at this stall just isn’t the same :P

Competition was tough! All the sign boards had to be attractive!

At the end of the night, we finish off with dessert… It was a bit too cold haha! But yummy :)

I had the Mango icy :9 it was very generously topped with sweet mango and the ice cream complimented it very well.

Husband had Red bean mochi icy ^o^ the mochi was chewy and the mixture was not too sweet :)

So if you decided to go one of these evening (on weekends), take the Canadaline — traffic was rather bad around the area if you are unable to go there earlier for free parking near the Night Market. Bring cash and watch your belongings in crowded places! I leave you with these tree lights on display — where you can donate money for a good cause to hang your wishes up ^^

Thanks for looking!

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