Lost in translation

(Photos are randomly selected from our previous trips over the years)

One evening husband started watching the movie “Lost in translation” on netflix.  And I started joining him after the movie started for a bit.

I recalled watching it before, and wasn’t very interested at the time for some reason, I guess the pace of the movie is really slow. But also perhaps I was too young and impatient to appreciate for what it is :)

The interesting thing is, my husband and I love visiting Japan a lot, and watching the movie again felt really nostalgic, and in a way Japan didn’t change very much from the time the movie was made in the sense that everything felt somewhat similar to what we know and love.

And we definitely enjoyed the movie a bit more now than before I think :) Bill Murray is a good seasoned actor, and Scarlett Johansson was so young and fresh at the time I didn’t realise it was her o_o;

Must… save up to go again! :P