Worldwide Otaku Report

To take part in the Worldwide Otaku Report, submit yours here. July 20th is the deadline.^o^/

Husband suddenly decided to rearrange our working area one weekend – my sewing dungeon and our home office, just in time to take some new photos for submission ^^;

For the home office area, husband changed table tops and table legs, and made room for a corner to relax :3 With white table tops, the room feels even brighter :3 Moved a chair and foot stool from the living room up to test out the “relaxing” corner lol. The cats love the chair too ^^; But they have to be supervised :P

The old tables were moved down into sewing dungeon, now feels a bit neater :P Though I still need to put more stuff away so I can have some table space…

The other side of the sewing dungeon, the shelves are rearranged so that it’s easier to get stuff :P Previously it was a bigger mess… LOL kinda embarrassing ^^; Finally put up Bikini Mirai chan ;) Just in time for Summer!

Hope to tidy up the area a bit more eventually :P

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