Batmouse Evolution

Got an idea from the husband to do something with the character created for him… it went from joking around to a full blown-ish artwork XD

I did not just draw the head of course… LOL

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gunpla and nendoroid

With my husband’s encouragement I got a set of SD gunpla to work on last week (when it’s not so hot lol)

Husband said I should pick the one I like the least to work on first in case of mistake… I picked Gogg as I’m not sure if I like his oddly long arms out of the three, but I must say this little fella grew on me after I snapped him together ^^;

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I Love Daisies

These are wild daisies which are quite commonly found on the lawn in spring :) I wish they’re around all year round!

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Random stuff

Ah hisashiburi ^^; (?) I try to blog once or twice a week, but last week I had no chance to ^^; By the time I realise, it’s friday already ^^;

Husband decided to pick up Gunpla (Gundam model) building, which is great :D

What is Gunpla?

ETA: omg I found out that I won first place in the mascot contest! O_O; Am very pleased and thank you punynari san!

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