So while we were in Japan, we HAD to visit the life size Gundam!

I brought my spoilt favourite dollfie dream Aki, I think she had a lovely time too!

It was a hot and muggy day, but at least it wasn’t grey or rainy :) had to walk and take pictures all around XD

Really love the details put onto it!

I had to adjust the photos a little as from this angle it is a bit backlit.

Huge feetsies lol!

Nice back :D

A back you can count on :P

It was a weekday so there wasn’t as many people around ^^ We went to have lunch at the Divercity food court afterwards, and to enjoy the air conditioning indoors ^^;

After lunch, we went to check out an Onsen Monotagari with bluestarbaby, had some interesting experiences lol! Most of my photos were taken on my phone tho, so may not have much to show ^^; I really enjoyed the footbaths haha!

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2 Responses to Odaiba Gundam at Divercity

  1. Now imagine if the Gundam have a footbath with its huge feetsies.

  2. chun says:

    I can definitely imagine that, there won’t be any water left in the foot bath LOL

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