Meiji Jingu and Roppongi

Sorry for the wait for photos from Japan ^^; Above is a picture taken at one of the Torii’s at Meiji Jingu on a gorgeous Saturday!

Spotted some Mikos ^o^

It was actually quite a busy day, since the weather was fantastic, we actually came across a few weddings even, but I didn’t take much photos of them ^^; I’m waiting to see the photos my husband took ;)

Really cool sacred trees :)

Walking into a different part of the Meiji Jingu area — more of a park?

Really cool plants out and about :D


Next bunch of photos taken in Roppongi area :)

Mainly walked around randomly taking photos ^^;

It got really windy some point of the day o_o; We had to try to retreat indoors ^^;

TV Asahi was a pretty neat place to check out XD I really like their bear and chick mascot :P

Managed to zoom into Tokyo Tower on a higher part of the Mori Tower area ^^

View from World Trade Center Tokyo ^o^

I actually took a lot of photos, but they look somewhat similar :P

Really lucky to see this :)


You can see more photos taken with my dollfie dream here at Meiji Jingu and Roppongi here :)