Nurse Mirai fan art

Did a sketch which turned into a full blown CG ^^; Danny was not feeling well these couple days, and for some reason I keep seeing an image of Mirai chan as a nurse in my head… :P For the full image (legs and all) please click on image below, I have also updated it into the Gallery :)

Something totally unrelated,  I saw the skytrain (testing stage still) pass by the tracks near Yaohan today ^O^

Really excited, can’t wait for it to be ready ^^; I want it to be easier to go down town to see my friends :P

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  1. Lene
    Lene says:

    Aww, Nurse Mirai; healer of everything XD

    The skytrain looks neat! How fast will it take you to go to downtown in comparison to driving?

  2. chun
    chun says:

    Persocom Thanks! And oh haha it’s not something for Danny to use :P it was just drawn cos was inspired and couldn’t stop ^^;

    Lene awww I don’t like shots either ^^; I have to be mentally prepared if I am getting one >_<;

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