Thursday’s Doodles

It was a long day at the shop :P near the end of the day couldn’t wait to close shop lol! The good thing is I guess I am quite happy to have sketched a few sketches which I kinda like ^^

Should I make some bookmarks or postcards of school girl art?

Here, FatB :P

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  1. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    FatB lol glad U like :P

    Persocom-san thanks for the feedback!

    turnstyle thank you, skills can be tuned via interests tho :3

  2. gordon
    gordon says:

    is that fatb’s girlfriend? she’s hot!

    btw may i suggest an army girl for your next art when u are free? it’s tough getting through the past 2 weeks in camp with no health care and girls to look at. (*slap self*) ^^;

  3. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    gordon you sure you still want to be reminded of army? hahahahaha! (I had saw your reply to comment on your broggu ^^) I’m not a big fan of army but I’m okay with the camouflage print so maybe when I’m at the shop tomorrow I’ll see if I have inspiration for sketches:P

    You’ll have to ask FatB himself if that’s his girlfriend! :P

  4. suki
    suki says:

    The more I see your works, them more I think you should add them to postcards/bookmarks ^^
    They’d sell very well!

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