Had the pleasure to work with J-List earlier this year and came up with these art work ^o^/

Which is your favorite? I particularly liked the Mio one after I was done lol!

Danny and Jlist are currently running a contest where you can design an image and win some Tentacle grape juice! XD And I included a few random doodles under cut :)

Thanks for looking ^^/!

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8 Responses to Tentacle Grape

  1. Heather says:

    No Chun, NOOOOOOO!!!! You graped them, you graped them with tentacles!!!! WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!

    … I thought this soda was hilarious and I want to buy some for when the guys come over for gaming night…. where will I be able to buy some????

  2. chun says:

    LOL! you can buy them at jlist.com I think :D or maybe get creative with photo editing software perhaps and win some at the contest at danny choo’s blog entry XD http://bit.ly/GX5h3T

  3. mezzo forte says:

    What’s happened? O_O;
    I couldn’t believe my eyes LOL

    Your handwriting is so cute! (especially blue eyed girl)
    I love your use of color (chun’s blue).

    Uh, I rarely draw a picture on paper…
    It is equivalent to take away my computer, to take my life X(

  4. chun says:

    ahahaha you make me laugh with your response XD I think this is very hmmm tame compared to some scary art I see LOL
    Blue is one of my “oldest” character… I think she is an alien from outer space…
    I enjoy drawing on paper :D I think it is one of my favorite things to do ^o^/ But usually for work I use computer ^^;

  5. I’m so used to seeing the JList mascot in chibi form that she looks strange in full figure XD But I do like Mio best too ^^

  6. chun says:

    She “grew up” lol

  7. mezzo forte says:

    So beautiful alien :D
    She doesn’t have some tentacles, does she? XD

    When I grasped a pencil, my left hand often tried to push the keyboard of Ctrl+Z without thinking.
    Maybe I’ll be a tentacle of my computer soon…

    Oops, I made a blue eyed girl on Android Apps “Mersenne”.
    But I’m sorry I couldn’t made a English version…


  8. chun says:

    hehehe I know the feeling about the control Z XD It’s wonderful that you can make an app O_O! So you program everything? :D:D

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