Anime Revolution 2012

This year, I managed to go for one day of “Anime Revolution” held at Vancouver Convention Centre.

It was great to meet and hang out with my friends who has similar interests and see lots of cosplay, I even managed to attend a panel (for Ball Jointed Doll) and waited in line to get a picture with the Japanese guest Seiyu Nakata Jouji san (who is so awesome by the way)

Below is the lovely fan art of Anime Revolution Mascot, Senkaku Mei chan, drawn by Judy (who won the first prize for the fan art contest)

2nd day, the pre-registration had no line up (woohoo)

At first I thought I escaped the line up, then I realise we had to line up to get into the exhibition halls LOL, but luckily lining up is made more fun with interesting cosplayers :D Check out Danboru XD some point in time, I was queuing up behind Danboru lol! Also I bumped into someone I know (a fellow doll owner) so at least I got someone to chat with :P

After getting into the exhibition hall, we made a beeline to check out our friend’s YoYo Tsuri booth ^o^!

Some interesting items for sale as well :D

Including limited numbers of wind up Alpacas for adoption, Alpaca below was being worked really hard :P

Some of the dolls of the booth owners hung out around :3

After that went to check out a Ball Jointed Doll panel ^^ met up with some friends and their dolls there as well XD

There was a half and hour slide show by our panel host :3

Lightning Sabre‘s Meiko messing around >_<;

I brought Taiga, and Paw (work in progress) this time round ^^

Paw still need some floating ears :P later her eyes shifted and I had to retire her into my bag lol (too lazy to try to adjust them in public ^^;)

Adorable Ivy’s adorable doll<3

Ken’s Cirino ^^

Cool little doll below belongs to one of the volunteers who handled my badge lol! So glad I got a somewhat clear shot (took a few shaky ones due to lack of breakfast ^^;;;)

Taiga did not want to sign a contract with Kyubey… So some carnage happened…

Thanks Stephanie (in her AWESOME Mami Tomoe cosplay from Puella Magi Madoka Magica), sorry my photos doesn’t do your outfit justice >_<;

After the panel, decided to go with Lightning Sabre to get autograph from Nakata Jouji san :3 I took some photos while waiting in line XD

Nakata Jouji san is sooooooo nice! We went over the allocated time to get autographs/photos, but he still try to chat a little with everyone who made it to the table, and he would make sure that the signature on the item is being shown as well in photos, and his voice is sooo magnetic! (Ahem)

The person just before me LOL

I don’t like how I looked hence the puppy censor… LOL I think Nakata Jouji san looked way better than I did XD (I was twitching from excitement and hunger :P) I managed to tell him I thought his voice was sexy (kyaaaaa!)

So next, lunch ^^;;;; Thanks again Lightning Sabre for the tip to the short cut to the food court XD I might have died from hunger on my way there… (JK!) I haven’t had McDees for years… they had a douple filet-o-fish now?!

After that I wandered around to look for cosplayers I wanted to take photos of! In the begining I felt a bit shy to ask, but I knew I had to gather some balls to ask in order to get a good pose and such! Here we see back view of Sheryl Nome and Ranka Lee checking out a booth!

My most favorite cosplayer has to be the adorable Ririchiyo Shirakiin cosplayer, I think my photo did not do her justice >_<;;;; she’s way cuter in person!

It’s so awesome that she has company XD huhuhu

Jessica Nigiri was one of the guests, and she mingled in the convention :D I was glad I was able to ask her for a photo, tho I embarrassed myself greatly by dropping a few things before I got her attention to ask for a pose ^^;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Later I got one of her cards from her booth as a souvenir :3 Should have gone to her to ask for an autograph ^^;

From here onwards, Lightning Sabre kindly named the characters which he could recognise so I am putting them in :3

A booboo I made, I mistook this Juliet cosplayer as Jessica Nigiri and tagged her as such… (Super embarrassed, I need my eyes checked LOL) Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw.

Many lovely ladies cosplaying :3 unfortunately I’m not sure which character this is from ^^;

Bad Girl from No More Heroes.

(Big thanks again Lightning Sabre lol, I really wanted to know who these trio are :D) So glad I managed to ask them to pose for me as they appear to be going outside ^^;/

Death the Kid and Patricia & Elizabeth Thompson from Soul Eater.

I think this cute couple below is from Kuroshitsuji?

Ciel from Kuroshitsuji, girl unknown? ^^;

Jesus and Master Chief from Halo (lol)

Saber Lily ^o^

Gorgeous Sailor Mars :3

Halp ^^;/ I loved their costumes so much!

Red and white masked cosplayers are characters from Journey, a PSN game… The red-haired one is Groose from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

Lacus Clyne and Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed :D

Yuki and Mikuru :3! So glad I found them before I left :P

And of course Meiko! Had to stop her :P Felt kinda bad as she had a lot of things with her ^^;>

Not sure where these characters are from ^^;?

Ciel from Kuroshitsuji in the blue outfit and holding the mask.

This is probably the last shot before I left ^^;/ There was a green one too, but I had to crop it ^^;/

Hooded characters from Vocaloid video, Matryoshka. (Thanks again LS!)

Really pleased that I managed to find KL’s booth :D I bought a print of Danny Choo’s mascot girls’ fan art :P I wish I wore the teeshirt lol

A couple of Taiga outside pix, not very exciting poses unfortunately ^^; Bumped into a few people who were curious about Taiga :) (Thank you!)

Thanks for looking :D And in case I missed showing any photos, here’s all of it in my flickr stream ^^

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  1. Avan
    Avan says:

    Looks good, have you get somethingS in there?
    That girl who is Ririchiyo Shirakiin cosplayer looks cute :3

  2. chun
    chun says:

    I got 2 prints and a water balloon from YoYo Tsuri XP I mainly went to check out cosplayers and visit my friend’s stall XD! and yesssssss I was so happy I managed to find her for a photo!

  3. lightningsabre
    lightningsabre says:

    Boy, you’re putting me on the spot here ^^;;; I need to refresh my anime studies XD

    Jessica is dressed up as Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw.

    Pink dress with bat is Bad Girl (that’s her name!) from No More Heroes.

    The black and red trio is Death the Kid and Patricia & Elizabeth Thompson.

    Yes, it’s Ciel from Kuroshitsuji but not sure if the girl is from there ^^;

    Why Jesus and Master Chief from Halo in an anime convention always baffles me.

    The red and white masked cosplayers are characters from Journey, a PSN game… The red-haired one is Groose from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

    Lacus Clyne and Kira Yamato from Gundam Seed, if you want to be specific XD

    I have no idea who that girl with the axe and curls is from ^^;

    Looks like another Ciel from Kuroshitsuji in the blue outfit and holding the mask.

    The ones in your last shot is from a Vocaloid video, Matryoshka.

    Thanks for getting my Gankutsou signed by Nakata signed ^_^ I’m in the process of watching it XD

  4. chun
    chun says:

    Thanks LS! Especially Thanks for letting me know about Death the Kid and Patricia & Elizabeth Thompson XD I think the image of them posing really imprinted in my head but I couldn’t remember which series or which characters they were LOL!

  5. teko
    teko says:

    I didn’t get to attend any panels this time, hopefully I will next year ^^

    Haven’t seen much ball-jointed dolls since I attend Danny Choo’s panel a couple of years ago.

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