Short post with a recent inked art :3 Did a fan art of Danny’s Mascoto Mirai Suenaga in the recent GothLoli style dress I made for his Dollfie Dream daughters ^^; The outfit was designed with some information given by Danny — colour, style and to show lots of a certain details (LOL)

I’ll be away for a bit over the weekend so won’t post much till I’m back ^^; Been busy working on stuff to send to my work at CDE before I go ^^;;;; so tired =_=;/ And oh if you like Zaku… Check out my crazy post on my dolly/toy blog lol!

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14 Responses to GothLoli Mirai Fan art

  1. yamada says:

    can I suck your drawing skill? XP nah~ all we need is to practice and practice and practice in this stuff X3

  2. Nakahito says:

    Wow Chun that’s awesome O_o ~

  3. Mimi says:

    Waa she’s really cute Chun!!! I like how she’s serving dessert yum~!

  4. chun says:

    @yamada lol! well I hope with your passion you’ll get to the stage you want to be at :)

    @Nakahito thank you :)

    @Mimi domo~ me too lol!

  5. Cute cute! And what are these “certain details” you speak of? :P

  6. chun says:

    @lightningsabre lol like showing lots of pie? :P

  7. Arayden says:

    Needs some “eyes”.

  8. Edward says:

    Moe Moe Moe Moe… ^^ You will add color one? It is cute with just a little color on the lips. Is Mirai suggesting her lips need chu? ^^

  9. chun says:

    @Arayden lol

    @Edward I hope I’ll have time to ^^;;;/

  10. chibinezumi says:

    hmmm…table one or table two? She looks so cute! the details are great love the frilly ribbons on the dress and stockings:)

  11. Kashii says:

    I’m new to your site and I must say, I love it. Your cats are so adorable and where ever it is you live looks spectacular.
    I explored a good bit of your artwork as well, you’re a great artist.
    I’ll definitely be back soon :)

  12. chun says:

    @chibinezumi hehe thanks! :D i hope I’ll find time to colour ^^;;;

    @Kashii thank you! :) I hope you’ll enjoy your “stay” here *grin*

  13. Persocom says:

    Nice artwork, looking forward to the colored version of this ^^

  14. chun says:

    @Persocom me too ^^; I nnnnnnnnnnneeeeed more time lol

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