Taken with lumix LX3 sushi, and a rainbow sighting not long after ^^

For the sushi images, I did not do much, just crop and add the url, for rainbow, I couldn’t capture how bright it actually is in person unfortunately, I think my husband may have better luck, he’ll hopefully post some photos later :)

Shared these selection of sushi/maki with husband ^^ These photos reminds me that my husband recently took some really nice macro food shots with his canon + macro lens ^o^


Back in Singapore, I wasn’t really a fan of raw fish sushi, and I wasn’t ever very impressed by the raw stuff served in restaurants back there (maybe I go to the wrong palces?)  but when I moved to Canada, I started to appreciate the occasional raw fish ^^!

My stomach is kinda sensitive to raw fish/eggs, and unfortunately if the raw stuff is just slightly stale I have to run to bomb the toilet (LOL), not fun when it happens tho ^^;

Middle sushi is Futomaki ^^

Maki sushi in focus is California roll ^^

Salmon nigiri sushi

I love the capture of fine detail and colours in macro shots :D


And lovely rainbow sighting :)

Pot of gold must be over at that end…

Hope you’re having a great weekend! :)

And oh, my 2nd otacool mascot entry here… ^^ Haven’t had a chance to clean up the notes with it ^^;

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  1. kmyk
    kmyk says:

    I’ll tell you a funny story about my boyfriend. :)

    When he was little, he was very sheltered so he didn’t eat much outside. There was a man renting from them that was a sushi chef. The first time my boyfriend had sushi, he got it from the man who was renting from them. He didn’t know why it was raw so he went and he microwaved it and then ate it. I still laugh at that from time to time. ^___^

  2. BCOtaku
    BCOtaku says:

    Nice sushi there!
    I never dared to eat raw fish before.. and still don’t dare to eat it now. Plus my parents is like going ” You can’t eat raw fish in Singapore! It isn’t fresh!” And then go into the 想当年 mode, going on and about how they can eat fish or whatever straight from the sea when they were young and how the seas these days are so polluted that it isn’t possible anymore..

  3. i-pup (Jun)
    i-pup (Jun) says:

    Nice and delicious photos… thx for sharing.. but its making me hungry after looking at it >_<
    And did i see 2 rainbow in one photo.. wow

  4. chibinezumi
    chibinezumi says:

    yummy sushi! I can’t eat the raw stuff. managed small amounts of raw tuna which was good but most raw stuff makes me run to the toilet and launch a grenade assault. love vegetable and cooked sushi such as BBQ eel.
    The rainbow is beautiful!! how to get the pot of gold? the secret is grabbing the leprechaun and holding him hostage till he takes you to the end of the rainbow.

  5. chun
    chun says:

    Raw fish when fresh tastes yum o_o but need to eat with wasabi (the latter supposedly kills bacteria on the raw fish). I don’t have any good recollection of eating raw fish in Singapore ^^;

  6. chun
    chun says:

    if the fish is not fresh, I do the toilet grenade assault too ^^; BBQ eel I don’t mind once in a while ^^ hmm now to grab a leprechaun? LOL

  7. Ghostly_Substance
    Ghostly_Substance says:

    mmmm, Salmon Sushi! Even the Salmon Onigiri hits the spot. If its anything else I have trouble downing it, but I’ll still eat it heh.

    Oh Canada, how I love you for all the cultural ironies :P.

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