So, I coloured Horo :P Spot the photoshop tweakings LOL!
Full view is available in Gallery page ^^/ And yes she’s naked, nothing important is showing tho, but I’m sure it is probably not safe for work (NSFW) ^^;

Okay time for bed, thanks for checking this out, it was rather enjoyable colouring her ;)

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Recently finished watching Spice and Wolf, the background and ending illustrations and music are rather nice. I am not sure if I like the story telling, it really could had been better. They had focused a bit too much on Horo and Lawrence’s flirting I think :P Some critical scenes were unfortunately too lightly touched on, leaving me going ??? even now ^^; Maybe I should rewatch those episodes :P

If I get around to colouring her I’ll post the full body :P I think I drew her left ear a bit too long tho ^^;
This time I used ball point pen to “ink”. The problem with using pencils/ball point pen is that the lines tend to break when the image is scanned.

Almost forgot, tumblred some photos taken mostly over the weekend ^^

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