Photoshop, when how much is too much?

One day I was checking out I came across this site by accident.
PhotoshopDisasters. Can you believe some people actually get paid for doing this kinda work? :P

Mind you, I myself do a little bit too much tweaking on photoshop sometimes, if not all the time!

A recent example of my over tweaking below:

The one on the left is the original art, and one on the right is tweaked in photoshop.
If I could choose, I would rather to not have to do so much tweaking, as it seems to make the original art kinda blah. So these days, if I have some artwork sketched out without feeling that I need to do too much photoshop tweaking to it I would be quite happy! ^

Many years ago, I remember having carefully coloured an artwork before in photoshop, posted it up (being quite satisfied with it) and having someone tell me that I got the thumb on the wrong side on one hand LOL (oops!)

While visiting some artist friends in the states earlier this year, we were also talking about the over-usage of the photoshop filter “lense flare” probably when was just introduced into photoshop at the time — finished your artwork? Let’s add some “lense flare”! :P Eyes not sparkley enough? Yup “lense flare”! LOL

There’s probably a fine line between what’s enough and what’s too much no?