Mio Akiyama fan art completed

Took a bit longer to finish this one up as I decided to add some detail to the instrument she was holding (ahem). Her bass guitar was drawn in Flash, exported into PNG file then paste into photoshop and lightly edited.  Previous line art progress here.

Click on image below to access full view, please note full view image is likely NSFW since there’s nudity — despite being conservatively nude :P

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Mio Akiyama fan art

Wow just realise I haven’t drawn fan art in a long time ^^;

I must say the girls in K-ON! are really cute and Moe-some ^^; First found out about K-ON! from Danny ^^; Out of the girls I think I like Mio Akiyama the most because(!!!) she’s probably like the girl I’d like to be like? If you know what I mean ^^;  Nice long hair, sweet and shy, nice body (ahem), talented, and just so Moe no? :P

Here’s a couple pieces of work in progress ^^;
click on image below to get to a full view version ^^/

There’s another version but it may be NSFW (Not Safe For Work), depend on how strict your office is, or if your boss actually want to take a look at it (LOL) Think conservative birthday suit :P


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