Girls dockin…?

Saw a news item on yesterday, was very amused that that imagery has a term! :P
yes a sketchu preview in progress :P Gotta love a lazy(-ish) Sunday!

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  1. Blowfish
    Blowfish says:

    I havent heard of the term before that post.Ill hope youll put much detail into the docking process ^___^

  2. wickedclown
    wickedclown says:

    ARG! Why must you tease like this. xD They look so good. x.x

    I swear, when my site gains some popularity I’m going to pay you to make me a mascot. :p

  3. misakichii
    misakichii says:

    Hey nice! It would be better if you could shift the watermark somewhere else so it does not cover the important part lol ^^.

  4. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    blowfish lol will try ^^;

    wickedclown :P that would be nice ^^/

    misakichii lol when it is completed watermark will be moved :P now is like teaser previews ;)

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