Curious to know

1) What do you notice first when you see this sketch below?
2) Which girl U prefer? :P

Small update about puppy clock status: Hmmm I haven’t figured out how to make it work on wordpress so may eventually just put something which will work on blogger (Like mine) later on ^^; Sorry for the wait ^^;
ok back to work ^^;

Shop sketches…

So yesterday I was working at the shop again, so I had some time to sketch a bit ^^

I’ll feature my favourite of the three at the top :P  Dunno why I got this idea LOL the triangle mouth was drawn after I couldn’t decide on the mouth ^^; the SD on the side could be better lol but the idea is there :P

Anyhows, yes another Ranka Lee fan art (LOL) I didn’t have reference to the bottom part of her dress, so I improvised :P
I wonder if I am a closet Ranka Lee fan in denial? :P
I tried to draw Sheryl too but I made her look horrible, so I not showing :P

I walked to work cos I missed the bus (oops)
and walked passed this visual (well from memory) I suppose if I painted it or shaded a bit more it’d look less flat :P And yes I do draw (try to) other stuff other than girls ^^

Sketches post…

Sorry for being MIA for a few days ^^; Had been kinda under the weather over the weekend :( and was busy with work last week =_=;

Quickly scanned 3 doodles to post ^^ I forgot to date this one, so not sure when did I sketched it (oops) but yes another Ranka Lee sketchu desu. ^^; While I’m not the biggest fan of her I do like her outfits in the anime :3

A girl with cake, and a nurse with syringe ^^;;;;

Haruhi commands you to check out Summer report on tumblr :P

Moro and Maru Inked, material talk

Recently had been watching xxxHolic Kei love it, recommend it ^^ nice catchy opening/ending tracks too :D I was reminded I wanted to draw these 2 little characters for a while now so here they are! Image is slightly processed on photoshop to give it the colour tinge ^^

I have been ask on a few occasions what kind of paper/pen/pencils/materials do I use.
I personally do have a few preferences, but I find that it doesn’t hurt to try out different/new materials when we do not have our actual tools at hand :)

When I was in my teens, I had also tried stuff like the fancy G-nibs — they were really difficult to come by at the time and a fellow artist gave me a few ^^; (G-nibs is the kind which you need to dip into an ink pot, and you end up dripping a splash of ink on your almost finished work and you bleep bleep bleep :P). Also gotten expensive Manga drafting paper but unfortunately with the latter I couldn’t bear to use it (so wasted some money ^^; ) Also bought screen tones, but with the ease of computer, those quickly got phased out ^^;;;

I started drawing when I was still a student (meaning not a lot of money to throw around) so I eventually picked up some tools and materials which I felt that are affordable and good :)

So below as listed is my usual weapons (LOL) based in when I live in Singapore, cost varies quite a bit in Canada ^^;

Pencil: 2B 0.5 mechanical pencils (no real preference for brands)

Eraser: Mono erasers (have not found any other brand which beats how good this is)

Pen: Pilot Drawing Pen or Pigma Micron the latter is more expensive ^^; I usually use 0.3, 0.5 is good if I want to colour some parts black. These pens are pretty long lasting :)

Paper: 80g photocopying paper (any thinner ink tend to bleed, and paper is kinda “see thru”, any thicker is nice but more expensive)

I use watercolour occasionally even tho I colour with the computer a lot these days. It is always good to practice without being reliant on “control + z” ^^

Recently I forgot to bring a sketch book/paper to the shop I work a day per week, so I bought a couple sketch pads from Daiso, unfortunately one of the sketch book’s backing started to warp after I took it out of the plastic bag which contains it (not sure if it was cos it was too humid?) ^^; I drew the above Fan art in it, started inking it, the good thing is it does not bleed (bleed= ink spread out on paper giving a fuzzy edge). But it was fine for sketching down ideas during slower hours of the day ^^

If I have an idea I want to put on paper and have no paper, I’ll grab other stuff to draw on. I used to draw a lot on the back of my hand to remind me stuff to do or ideas I had ^^ (but that got a bit unsightly :P sometimes napkins work for jotting down ideas :3 And of course I know a lot of us like to draw on our textbooks when the lecture started making us nod off ^^;

An example of a sketch of an idea by my hubs on a napkin (LOL)

So now that you have read up to here, if you like drawing, do you have a favorite weapon/medium of choice?

Boy and girl in progress

Hmmm this week was pretty much whipped to finish some work, so didn’t really have time to draw much, today took a little time off, cleaned up one of the simpler line art from the previous post, and started colouring a bit :P Doesn’t look too bad in this mode no?

I also sketched roughly and quickly a couple fan arts, not scanned yet tho ^^; maybe eventually :P

Lady Centaur

Worked on Lady Centaur from the previous post a bit ^^
having a headache so probably will stop here for now ^^; The weather these days has been so weird, I probably got the headache from getting too much wind on my head =_=;

No internet for half a day

…resulted in buncha sketches! lol
so the first one… guess who? Ok I’m really not that cute but who doesn’t look cute in SD mode?

I really like how this 2nd featured image turned out, I hope I will get around colouring her, I even have a background in mind ^^! I’m not sure if anyone ever knew of my first ever website lol it was hosted on pacificnet (LOL)! And the first image I posted for that website was a kentauride (female Centaur), so it feels kinda nostalgic :)

I know I rarely draw guys, the character at the bottom left corner of this last image is supposed to be one… lol

Without the internet, sketching is a nice way to distract myself during the slower hours at the shop ^^ I drew more than just these actually, but I picked those I like more to scan :)

Hot summer day results in…

…drawing of some scantily dressed girl eating ice cream during lunch time :P

This weekend it got rather hot, been feeling kinda dehydrated and hot while working from home =_=;;; Drank a lot of water, ate fruits and had ice cream ^^

Thankfully this evening is not too hot, last evening was just cookin!
I had to tweak her right eye a bit when I “inked” this out in Sai ^^ so in the end she doesn’t look exactly like the sketch I drew ^^; And now that I look at it again I think I gotta fix the stick looks a tad long ^^; But hope ya all like her ^^/

Commission work – Mascot of Gordonator Part 2

Finally made a bit of time to colour Gordon‘s “million dollar” mascot between work stuff ^^;
I left the stuff I don’t like to colour to the last (groan) will be trying to work on it more when I get a chance to ^^; Will probably do some tweaking as I go along ^^;

okay back to work work x_x

Commission work – Mascot of Gordonator

Made a deal with the gordonator to draw his blog’s mascot for one million dollars… (LOL)

Once in a while when I feel inspired (or need some extra cash on the side), I do take commissions for illustration work. Pricing varies with the amount of details, whether or not there’s colouring, background involved, how soon it is needed — meaning the the more work/less time given for me to finish = I charge more etc etc. I do commission work a lot less these days as I am quite busy with my work with cartoondollemporium.

I know some of my artist friends open”slots” every other month open to have people commission them to draw some artwork, but I have not really done anything like that just yet. Other than work based illustrations I would like to have time to draw my own drawings ^^; This is when I wish I have 3 more drawing arms to help me out :P

Okie I won’t babble on ^^; Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend :)