Baby Blue art completed

*Moving some posts I have cached into fire fox over :3

Was supposed to go out but there was some change of plans, so here I am doing some work and also finishing up the Babyblue artwork :3 Full view version is currently available via clicking on image below

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Cat and Bunny girls

Felt like drawing this, ended up inking and coloring it ^^; Full view in Gallery page :D

I am not sure how I am going to make a go to previous pages link at the bottom, since I am not hosting on blogger (oops) think it is a sticky matter to deal with, as I am not good at coding… ;_;

So, I am going to at least try to link to wallpaper I created with my artwork on the side, under the navigation buttons :) Currently Mirai wallpaper is linked there ^^/ Need to find time/inspiration to make the bikini girl into wallpapers :P

I have also updated a few links into Links page, gotta find some ways to categorize the links properly ^^;

Okay it’s way past bed time… goodnite!

Bikini girl completed

Had been feeling under the weather, due to a flu bug possibly o_o; so art has been slow. Also need to catch up with work (eek)

Updated full version (full view with legs uncropped) in Gallery page ^^/

On a non art related note, mail loot made our evening last nite :3 Uchi posing with the loot ^^!


Full version in Gallery :3 I guess this piece of artwork is somewhat suggestive, in comparison to a lot of my other artwork ^^; Really enjoyed using Sai to ink this piece of artwork! I end up colouring most of it in photoshop tho ^^;

One of my all time favourite Mangaka is Masakazu Katsura san, I dare say he was possibly one of the (in)direct influence to my evolving art style. I was presented 2 translated mangas of Video girl Ai in my teens by an aquaintance from a comic shop — so touched as I really enjoyed the 2 books when I borrowed them at the time, but couldn’t afford buying the whole set from my pocket money.

I really like how sensual and soft the females he draws, and I strive to become a fraction as good as he is ^^! Years ago, he used to have a website where I actually submitted a fan art to, but unfortunately it is not online anymore ;_;

My dearest friend Saka actually managed to meet Katsura in person during one of the anime conventions in USA and kindly got me a wonderful autograph from him (which I treasure!) Maybe I should try to scan that sometime :P

Old art revisited completed!

Full view in Gallery ^^/

Old art revisited in progress

Messed around with some effects on photoshop :3 Rather basic effects, as you probably can tell :P Haven’t decide what colour shall her hair be… pink? also gotta decide on her clothing colour too… decisious decisions. Maybe I’ll mull over it this weekend :)

Maid art completed!

To see a larger version please check Gallery.
For some reason viewing on firefox seem to make my art appear a bit washed out ^^;

Non related: Added selective adorable Amazon products I came across, on the side of blog, just messing around (and they are so cuuute! LOL)

Hatsune Miku fan art completed!

See a slightly larger version in Gallery ^^/
Added her into the rotating banner above :D