Mirai Suenaga fan art

Yup another Mirai Suenaga chan fan art ^^;

Seeing so many yummy fan arts on, makes me itchy to make one, so um took a break to make one (LOL) Ugh still lots of stuff to pack (How do you pack heavy books effectively ^^;;;; Any tips anyone?

Click image below to full view :D I’ll update her into gallery later on ^^;/

Who is Mirai Suenaga?

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Tokyo Trip

Yes we did ^^;

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GothLoli Mirai Fan art

Short post with a recent inked art :3 Did a fan art of Danny’s Mascoto Mirai Suenaga in the recent GothLoli style dress I made for his Dollfie Dream daughters ^^; The outfit was designed with some information given by Danny — colour, style and to show lots of a certain details (LOL)

I’ll be away for a bit over the weekend so won’t post much till I’m back ^^; Been busy working on stuff to send to my work at CDE before I go ^^;;;; so tired =_=;/ And oh if you like Zaku… Check out my crazy post on my dolly/toy blog lol!

A (few) day(s) in…

This is a kinda non art related post unless you want to count this postit art my husband drew :P
There’s a sneak peek of something I was working on near end of this entry tho ;D

Our poor senior Meowmeow was sick since monday (started puking around 4 am on monday and puked every other hour o_o), very bad for him, our finances and all of our stress level ^^; Hopefully it’s nothing super major since blood work and xray was non conclusive  at the moment.

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From sketch to ink process

So, k asked what program did I used to create the Nurse Mirai fan art in my previous entry. So in this entry I will show three stages from sketching (with a pencil) to an inked and partially cleaned up image.

I drew this sketch when I was not at home on 80g weight paper, using a mechanical pencil. Before I inked the sketch with a drawing pen, I managed remember to take a picture of the sketch with my camera (hence you see all the artifacts around the sketch).

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Nurse Mirai fan art

Did a sketch which turned into a full blown CG ^^; Danny was not feeling well these couple days, and for some reason I keep seeing an image of Mirai chan as a nurse in my head… :P For the full image (legs and all) please click on image below, I have also updated it into the Gallery :)

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Foxy girl Sketch

This is possibly the first doodle/quick sketch of 2009?

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Mirai sukumizu commission

I’m a big fan of‘s 2 adorable mascots and I am trilled to be able to work with Danny to create some custom outfits for Mirai and Haruka :D. I guess the main challenge is to as seamlessly create the outfits in a style which match as closely and naturally to Azami Yuko sensei’s style.

I used a combination of Sai and a little bit of photoshop to create the outfits. And oh Dolphin san makes a special appearance by special request…

So which do you like better? White? Or Blue? Where’s the white sukumizu(the swimsuit) you say?  You’ll be able to find Mirai in the white version on ;D (link inserted)

Click on image below to get a larger version!

Mirai Edited Wallpaper!

I got an idea to do some photoshop meddling with 2 of Mirai’s images from Danny’s recent Suenaga T-shirts news post! So what I have done is kinda somewhat merged (with bits of redrawing) Mirai’s image/Mirai maid pose together ^O^/ If you haven’t already noticed the Suenaga sisters’ recent page updates, go check it out!

After I showed Danny for a peek, he requested a little detail, can you find it? ;)

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Alternate headers for

We were trilled to find out that Danny was interested to use some of the images I had mucked around with, in his site’s header pool and also for the “is ecchi” images thumbnail (LOL)!

Mind you, the original character artworks are created by the most talented Azami yuko sensei ^^/ I only tried my hand at creating some layers for the more goofy expressions (as you can see on the image below). For a clearer look at the bigger images, you can check out this link :)

It all originated from the Wonfes Hatsune Miku news post, where Danny was requesting his readers for attempts to give his 2 adorable sister mascots, Mirai and Haruka extra facial expressions :) You’ll find some interesting variants by some of the talented readers on that news page as well :D

Hoo, got inspired to do my on tinkering lol