Cheesecake etc – the cake is not a lie!

It’s been a long time (years!) since we went to Cheesecake etc, I must say it is still one of my favourite cheese cake place in Vancouver!

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I biked out on Strida Mini to run an errand yesterday, but the star of the show is ducklings!

(click on the pictures to view larger images!)

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Ducklings spotting

This is a back dated post since they were taken with the iphone on the 19th May, I forgot to upload them together with the other duckling post ^^;

It happened on a sunny Saturday, when we were about to reach home and found that traffic slowed to a crawl, by a mama duck and a dozen ducklings crossing the road! :D

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Busy busy!

Had been rather busy the last few weeks mostly had to stay indoors despite the beautiful weather – I hope next week’s forecast of rain is not true (wahhh!)

One sunny day of last week, I managed to bike out and had a gelato at Timmy’s Frozen Yougurt in Steveston tho!

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Strida Mini grocery run

I needed to buy some small bits and bobs and yesterday it wasn’t rainy, so I made a grocery run on Strida Mini into Steveston Village :)

I could have picked a nicer photo for the top feature but I felt that this photo is quite interesting, I feel that it makes Strida Mini look smaller than it is!

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Hanami 2012

One of my favorite season in Vancouver has to be spring!

What can be better than spring  blossoms on a beautiful gorgeous day?! ^o^

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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter :D Hehe We had some white eggs so I managed to save a couple egg shells when I was cooking, used the better one to make this art below XD

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Strida Mini tire puncture fixed!

The weather forecast decided to play an April fool’s prank on us by telling us it’s going to rain today and giving us a beautiful sunny afternoon instead! Awesome! ;)

This is the first time I ever have to fix a bicycle tire puncture and I am happy to say that I was able to do it! :)

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Strida Mini spring debut

I got a flat back tire on my way back ^^; Poor Strida Mini is overdue for a service :P

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Urban Tea Merchant

Attended a doll meet at Urban Tea Merchant in downtown, organised to meet with the lovely Archangeli who’s in town for work :D

It was my first time there and I was rather excited! XD Evil food pix ahead!  You have been warned!

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