Fujiwara Yukino standie

Click picture below for a larger view ^o^/

My mascot puppy jumped into the standie for some reason ^^;

My friend’s dollfie dream Yu chann, with my artwork of her is made into a standie… She looks like she’s interviewing the SAO standies here~ ^^; my puppy mascot jumped in like a photo bomber ^^;

Photo by Alvin (thank you~!)

If you had a photo taken with Yu chann, please show me! I wish I was able to attend AFA, have to save money  to go sometime ^^;

Illustration documentation

Worked on some illustrations for Steven Nagata san a long while back ^^;

I think I came back from Japan last year, (and after destroying the poor LX3’s LCD screen on the first day of the trip) I took a lot less pictures =_= until I got the iphone 4S ^^;

Which is your favorite? :D I have to say I like the cheers, and the military themed one :P


Mirai Curry version 2

Ah!!! Mirai Curry has a version 2 already! I had the pleasure to draw version 1 lol

Someday I’ll go to Japan and eat it!!! :P

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Commission work – Yu chan

I was commissioned by Alvin to draw his Dollfie dream Yukino chan into a 2D mascot. This post is to document some of the progress :) Thanks Alvin and Yu chan!

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Recent art

Documenting some illustration which I recently done :) Below is a piece for Otacool4 x pixiv submission.

My pixiv account is here ^^/ Still trying to figure it out so only 2 artwork there so far ^^;

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Mirai sukumizu commission

I’m a big fan of‘s 2 adorable mascots and I am trilled to be able to work with Danny to create some custom outfits for Mirai and Haruka :D. I guess the main challenge is to as seamlessly create the outfits in a style which match as closely and naturally to Azami Yuko sensei’s style.

I used a combination of Sai and a little bit of photoshop to create the outfits. And oh Dolphin san makes a special appearance by special request…

So which do you like better? White? Or Blue? Where’s the white sukumizu(the swimsuit) you say?  You’ll be able to find Mirai in the white version on ;D (link inserted)

Click on image below to get a larger version!