Hanami 2011

The tree near our place finally fully bloomed last week :D Today when I went to take some more photos of Aki I noticed some petals were already starting to fall ^^; Husband took some photos of blossoms at night at Burrard Station ^^

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Photo editing

As you may have seen by now, I made a Taiga Mk II Kinda miss the smirking face, so decided to play around in photoshop for a bit since I am not sure when I’ll work on another head ^^; Below, I photoshopped a smirk, what do you think?

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Lunar New Year and BBT cafe

Happy Lunar New Year to all those who celebrate it!

Over the weekend, me and husband to check out this place called BBT cafe, above is their festive display to welcome the Lunar New Year :)

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Melting snow

Snow is melting quickly in the morning sun ^^;

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Autumn bunny finding

I noticed that there are bunnies out and about these days, the weather and temperature seems to be suitable for them I guess :) And guess what I think we might have come across the bunny which induced a lot of “AWWWWWWW” when it was a bebe!!!! I embedded the video below the photo ;3 Video was uploaded in March 12, 2009

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Fall finds

Photos taken at Granville Island when we went to collect a broom for Mokotan and run some errands ^^;

When I pull out my camera to take a photo of these neat looking chocolate, a passing old guy said loudly “HANDS OFF THOSE CHOCOLATES!” I loled :P

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Grilled bacon at home on a lazy Sunday morning ^^;

We went to Granville island the day before on a spur of the moment, checked out a new broom shop which caught my husband’s eye ^^ After that we bought some groceries home, one of the items being some slices of bacon to try ^o^

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Food and random stuff

Looks like we found a new favorite restaurant ^^;


Thought I should document about it despite some seem repetitive — example going to same place for dindin ^^;

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VanDusen Botanical Garden

Had a chance to visit VanDusen Botanical Garden due to a doll meet being held there on Saturday :D So glad I was able to make it ^o^ Car pooled with 3 friends ^o^(thanks again!)

I was editing a lot of photos and it crashed mid-edit and it’s already late so I will upload some non-doll photos which made the edit unscathed :P

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Random post + food photos

Gosh, it’s been more than a week since I last posted! Sorry about that ^^;

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