Sasara Kusugawa

Inspired by someone’s Sasara dollfie dream ^o^ and… epic you know what :P

Click on image below to full view :)

It originally started as just a doodle ^^;

Kinda like how the line art turned out, even tho I needed to tweak it in the computer a bit :P


ETA: ^^;;; quick edit for version Moo LOL

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  1. shinkonryu
    shinkonryu says:

    nyah^^ the color choices are nice nyah^^ er… i mean the one with the baby pink and blue-and-white checker pattern nyah^^

    uhu -_______- something’s screwy has been happening to my accounts in… i can’t access them and nobody in the bugs department seems to notice me.

    anyways, about my previous comment :

    er… i think having her hair dark is nice though ‘____’ unless you really plan to have her hair changed nyah :3

  2. chun
    chun says:

    You know, do you actually speak like this in person? with all the nyahs and all? when I read your comments I only see nyah nyah nyah ^^;
    and um where do you see dark hair? ^^;

  3. tsunchan
    tsunchan says:

    MOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! ::gets a bucket.. time to take care of the milking..:: Okay that was wrong of me.. I’m sorry.. couldn’t help myself.

    Seriously cute work Chun! Love it!

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