Maid ink in progress

Don’t want to destroy the pencil sketch so end up “inking” in photoshop ^^ using trusty 4 by 6 inch hand me down wacom tablet XD! Still a lot to go, may just take my time to finish it, ^^

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  1. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    ron~ thank you :) I used a custom brush, and the original artwork is way bigger than the picture posted above, when the artwork is strank the appearance of the line art will be smooth out. ^^

  2. D_Blade
    D_Blade says:

    I like the one on the right more.
    Maybe less fancy, but I don’t really liked makeup… And surely not on myself. (Please, no jokes on the last lines). ^^

  3. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    d_blade hehe well the one on the right is just a layer which is being traced on top of the original pencil sketch ^^ eventually will colour under the “inked” art ^^

    gordon LOL

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