Tumblr – Japadog and Culture Crawl

I had been so darn busy I haven’t the time to tumblr very much ^^;
But anyhow this is definitely worth an entry ^O^

What is Japadog? If you’re hungry don’t look at the tumblr entry!! :P

I also did a mention about my visit to the Eastside Culture Crawl to check out my friend‘s table, had some funny pix as well ^^; lol!

Tumblr and doll bits

Tumblred about a whimsical toy from Kid’s Meal at BurgerKing :P

Updated my dolly blog with some comparison pix of Obitsu body I recently acquired ^^
Sorry about lack of personal drawings, just been busy with a pending deadline (which was pushed back lol) so hopefully will be slightly more active later on ^^;
And for those who purchased the Tare-Danny+Mascot tee-shirts, thank you so much! :)

Autumn tumblred

Been a while since I last tumblred ^^;

Loving the beautiful sights of Autumn despite some days it being gloomy and cold… To see pix and description do check out Autumn captures :)

Non drawing-ish post

I apologize for the lack of posts, drawings etc ^^; been busy work life etc, and sometimes drawing have to take a back seat ^^;

Tumblred, a bit of pets tactics, a bit of flowers, and food at the end :P

In between some time I painted… faces on fabric, made these 2 bit by bit over a few days ^^; quite tricky to make ^^; I guess I could make these cos some parts of them are hand sewn, I can stay in front of the computer to do that :P  A few more pix at :)

Tumblring Giant flowers

GIANT flowers! No kidding! :P
Also couple videos of da hamsters and few pix of a snack :3

The very same giant flower next to a vase of the other slightly smaller flowers we picked ^^; and moar ^^;

yet another food tumblr

This MONTH has been pretty crazy so far, other than tons of personal errands, a wedding to attend, activities with out of town relatives etc etc etc, it was almost as if we’re trying to squeeze everything into the last bits of summer ^^; Here’s a back dated food related tumblr, view at own risk (esp if U’re hungry and there’s no access to food) you been warned ^^;

Not my puppy :P

On a non food abuse related note, Meow and me got into the feature video on! Won’t tell you which one is me lol! It was only a passing split second, Meowmeow was on for longer at the end ;P

And gasp, no CG last week?! Sorry was working on CDE’s work stuff whenever I could ^^;;; no time for personal art for now ^^; Blythe Charity sewing related auction has started, more information on :)

And if anything remotely close to doodling, I doodled a quick one for a girlfriend’s birthday last evening :3

Tumblr – Food and findings

At Pyoro’s request, I decided to find some time to tumblr about our food abuse (lol).
We went to try out a new place down town by the name of Barefoot Kitchen (or Kitchen Barefoot), the little feets belong to one of my blythe doll, I think I will post pix of her at the restaurant later at :P My doll has her feet on the menu lol ^o^

So click the photo below to see the tumblr entry ^^/

Thank you!

Sorry for not posting much for a bit, September just turned out to be a lot busier than expected (not just work wise) so that meant less time for colouring and personal artwork ;_;

Anyways here’s a big Thank you art for all those who visited, commented, linked up etc etc etc! :D I’m normally not very good at keeping track of record hit counts but heart felt thanks from me and my mascot characters :P I’m also excited to say that on 7th September we got a record setting number of page impressions on :) If I did not read the data wrongly I think a lot of them came from (Domo Arigato!!!)
A little information about the “Thank you” image above, I tried to ink on a sketch pad, but unfortunately the paper tend to make the line art “bleed” so I apologise for the rough edges on the image above ^^;;

And a scan of some older practice sketches done end of August ^^/

Tumblr was updated with an evil food post :PTalk about food, I should grab a quick lunch and continue working ^^;;;;

Fall 2008 tumblring

Yes it’s been a while since I wrote a tumblr entry ^^;

here’s some early fall findings and doings :)