Couple doodles from last friday (while working at the shop)
Colour adjusted in photoshop ^^

And tumblred about non art related stuff :)
I hope to have some time to do a bit of homework on how to let people get the puppy clock before I post anything more on it, so kindly be patient if you’re interested! :)

Sketches post…

Sorry for being MIA for a few days ^^; Had been kinda under the weather over the weekend :( and was busy with work last week =_=;

Quickly scanned 3 doodles to post ^^ I forgot to date this one, so not sure when did I sketched it (oops) but yes another Ranka Lee sketchu desu. ^^; While I’m not the biggest fan of her I do like her outfits in the anime :3

A girl with cake, and a nurse with syringe ^^;;;;

Haruhi commands you to check out Summer report on tumblr :P

Tumblr :)

Been a while since I last tumblred ^^
half about summer half about food lol

picture of the beautiful sky at 8.30pm ^^

I find that when there’s drastic change in the weather I appreciate the good weather more :P

Toy related tumblr and

Did a tumblr update about a story behind a pleasant surprise lol

Husband was remarking I haven’t updated in a while, I must admit I had definitely been neglecting that site (oops) ^^; But today I did an update regarding Daisy and Clover — my entry to last year’s Blythe Beauty Contest ^^

Okay next post will be an art post, I promise… ^^;

Couch and about

ETA: couple more pix of our couch during day time :D

Finally we have a couch! Details tumblred if you’re interested :P

Another food related tumblr :P

^^; sorry so much food related posts ^^; Ever felt inspired when you see other people’s photos? I was inspired by 2 friends’ photos about Dutch Baby Pancake so I tried it out ^^

I hope next week will return to more normal art postings ^^; going out soon, so laters!

Tumblring food abuse

This is not good ^^;;;;;

Do not look if U hungree late at night with no food in kitchen, you be warned!

Added a new top for Babyblue flash ^^/ (hit refresh if U still see the previous version)

Recordin of busy – part 2

So this is the continuation of the previous tumblring adventure, food abuse edition part 2, yes more food pictures :P Do not look if it’s late at night and you have nothing to much on in the fridge…. You be warned!

Ready? Go!

Long time no Tumblr

Hi, thanks for dropping by this temporary blog while is still down, please kindly check here and twitter for latest updates :)

As for the lack of updates, had just been too d**n busy :P

So here’s a recording of busy on tumblr. Be warned, there’s plenty of food pix ahead! :P

Mini meet

*Moving some posts I have cached into fire fox over :3

Hung out with a talented friend for a few hours, some details tumblred :3

Emmi sketched me browsing magazine, I sketched her back kinda below the URL I wanted her to check out LOL before I forget, Emmi take fabulous pix too :D here’s her flickr ^^

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