Couple doodles from last friday (while working at the shop)
Colour adjusted in photoshop ^^

And tumblred about non art related stuff :)
I hope to have some time to do a bit of homework on how to let people get the puppy clock before I post anything more on it, so kindly be patient if you’re interested! :)

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Sorry for being MIA for a few days ^^; Had been kinda under the weather over the weekend :( and was busy with work last week =_=;

Quickly scanned 3 doodles to post ^^ I forgot to date this one, so not sure when did I sketched it (oops) but yes another Ranka Lee sketchu desu. ^^; While I’m not the biggest fan of her I do like her outfits in the anime :3

A girl with cake, and a nurse with syringe ^^;;;;

Haruhi commands you to check out Summer report on tumblr :P

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Been a while since I last tumblred ^^
half about summer half about food lol

picture of the beautiful sky at 8.30pm ^^

I find that when there’s drastic change in the weather I appreciate the good weather more :P

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Did a tumblr update about a story behind a pleasant surprise lol

Husband was remarking I haven’t updated in a while, I must admit I had definitely been neglecting that site (oops) ^^; But today I did an update regarding Daisy and Clover — my entry to last year’s Blythe Beauty Contest ^^

Okay next post will be an art post, I promise… ^^;

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ETA: couple more pix of our couch during day time :D

Finally we have a couch! Details tumblred if you’re interested :P

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^^; sorry so much food related posts ^^; Ever felt inspired when you see other people’s photos? I was inspired by 2 friends’ photos about Dutch Baby Pancake so I tried it out ^^

I hope next week will return to more normal art postings ^^; going out soon, so laters!

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This is not good ^^;;;;;

Do not look if U hungree late at night with no food in kitchen, you be warned!

Added a new top for Babyblue flash ^^/ (hit refresh if U still see the previous version)

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So this is the continuation of the previous tumblring adventure, food abuse edition part 2, yes more food pictures :P Do not look if it’s late at night and you have nothing to much on in the fridge…. You be warned!

Ready? Go!

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Hi, thanks for dropping by this temporary blog while is still down, please kindly check here and twitter for latest updates :)

As for the lack of updates, had just been too d**n busy :P

So here’s a recording of busy on tumblr. Be warned, there’s plenty of food pix ahead! :P

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*Moving some posts I have cached into fire fox over :3

Hung out with a talented friend for a few hours, some details tumblred :3

Emmi sketched me browsing magazine, I sketched her back kinda below the URL I wanted her to check out LOL before I forget, Emmi take fabulous pix too :D here’s her flickr ^^

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