Tumblr – Food and findings

At Pyoro’s request, I decided to find some time to tumblr about our food abuse (lol).
We went to try out a new place down town by the name of Barefoot Kitchen (or Kitchen Barefoot), the little feets belong to one of my blythe doll, I think I will post pix of her at the restaurant later at puppy52doll.com :P My doll has her feet on the menu lol ^o^

So click the photo below to see the tumblr entry ^^/

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  1. Pyoro
    Pyoro says:

    lol i meant that as a joke hurhur
    ehh is that what yimian was supposed to look like? bleh
    i could most certainly do with a plate of that ala king though *drools

  2. marvin
    marvin says:

    your Tumblr post makes me hungry. ^^;
    btw I saw a similar shorthand sign once, it says Ped Xing, took me a while to understand it as well. ^^;

    FatB, I don’t get the amazon link. ^^;

  3. funkyblueame
    funkyblueame says:

    Rats those food pictures made me sooooo hungry. Give us more chun! ^o^

    Hamburger Steak is one of my favorites. My wife makes this quite often when we have been out most of the day. Hers are bigger than what is in your picture. ^^; Anywho, it’s all most like a meatloaf to me. My wife uses both beef and pork in the patties and makes her sauce with beef bullion, worcestershire sauce… Why am I telling you this… ^^ You probably already make something like it.

  4. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    Marvin lol that’s why there’s a warning and I started a tumblr rather than post food here XP lol Ped xing

    FatB you got cooties :P

    Edward XP well I will definitely do that lol maybe later or over weekend ^^ and wow your wife sounds like a great cook :D Yumyum ^^ I hardly made anything with ground meat cos hubby is paranoid about bacteria XP so if I ever make any meat patty I have to chop up the meat by hand/knife ^^;

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