Weekend activities

Usually I’m unable to post much artwork on weekends as I am mostly not at home ^^; I recently started on a Horo sketch but I don’t really like how it is turning out so I am not gonna post it here, hopefully I can come up with a better pose ^^!

However if you’re interested in food, pets and random pictures, my tumbler had been recently updated :) I definitely have some nice pictures of cherryblossoms coming up later on!

I was going to blog about cutewithchris‘s Live in Toronto show but it sold out in less than an hour! :O (we’re so proud of him tho!)

I got Uchi to help me call in to check for tickets but unfortunately we weren’t able to get any…
As you can see I needed to bribe the little guy a bit LOL

Tumblr updated :)

This isn’t a drawing or painting but it’s pretty I want to share :) Be warned tho, the entry contains food, which will definitely induce hunger :P

Hunt for spring

Uchi doll wishes you all Happy easter!

What are you waiting for? Go play with Uchi XD
I’ll try to add more stuff to him in future :3

twitter and tumblr links are also updated into Artist page ^^/
Okie back to work ^^;

tumblr and twitter

Recently discovered tumblr and I knew of twitter for a while now… Sooooo anyhows, tumblr will be my online scrapbook of sorts, gonna be putting most of my non art related stuff there, like cooking, photos maybe an occasional rambling. Have already copied a few posts there ^^

As for twitter, I’m currently following a handful of people at the moment and I guess once in a while (maybe a bit too often) I do have some random outbursts as to what I am doing at some moments in time :P LOL and I guess I should try to remember to twit on it when I have updates here and stuff ^^;

My tumblr and twitter I’ll probably have a link somewhere in the Artist page sometime, or maybe on the side…. Decisions decisions…