Hatsune Miku fan art 2015

I am preparing some fan art to include in my booth at Anime Revolution this year!

I have also posted this on my deviant art and my pixiv :) I am slowly working on more fan art among other things ^o^;;)>

Coyote sighting

Super zoomed in! Husband saw it in the field across from our place ^^; had to try to take photos! Not the sharpest but I was amazed at the amount of details from the photos nevertheless!


Happy Lunar New Year!

Oops, been a while since my last update ^^;
Here’s Ginko and Yoshi wishing all of you a Happy and Prosperous New Year!


You can view Ginko and Yoshi’s weekly comic strip House with two cats here on tapastic! ^o^/

I was also recently commissioned to draw Olivia’s pet bunny, Baxter :D you can follow adorable Baxter on instagram ^o^/

I intend to try to bring some fan art to my booth at Anime Revolution this year, and also will be vending at Blythe Con Vancouver ^o^/

Season’s Greetings!

Oops, fallen off the blogging wagon yet again :P End of the year is always really busy for me and family, and not too long ago I was actually in Singapore/Japan for about 3 weeks ^^; Hope to show some photos taken during the trip eventually! :) Ahem recently I noticed that a certain type of cutting have been making its rounds online so… I had to draw my idea of the Santa version of it :P

Before the trip I made a graphic for BlytheCon Vancouver :D On hindsight maybe it should have said Season’s Greetings too lol!

And…. a sneaky preview of the official fabric designs for BlytheCon Vancouver can be found here! All proceeds for the official designs will go help fund the event! :D

Also! Helped the lovely Kuraikawai of murasaki.me created a slightly festive feeling to the Murasaki chan x Puppy Mascot art :3


HooHooHoo! Merry Christmas very soon and a Happy, awesome and prosperous 2015 everyone!

Happy Halloween 2014!

I had been drawing witches almost every halloween so this year decided to change it up a bit, draw something else lol

I have also created a Halloween Greeting for BlytheCon Vancouver website ^^/

moar stuffs…

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Rabbit Festival in Vancouver

Visited the 10th Annual Rabbit Festival held at the Scottish Cultural Center in Vancouver yesterday :D saw lots of cute bunnies!

My personal favorite is that brownish lion head bunny seen below, he mostly hide inside the box, looking very cute and shy haha!  I think I took the most photos of him(?) :P

If you happen to see any photos of your bunny(s) among my photos, please comment here, I will be more than happy to send you a better picture without my URL via e-mail :)

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BlytheCon Vancouver 2015

Save the date for BlytheCon Vancouver 2015! I am involved with some of the planning and mostly illustration related work for BlytheCon Vancouver 2015, 9th August :D

Ticket sales are up on brownpapertickets since 1st Oct – All prices in CAD, and you can apply to become a Vendor here!

If you like to make a donation for our goodie bags or raffle, you can get more information here!

Angel Clement of electroheartbeats.com did a really nice write up about the event and about Vancouver :)

If you had purchased a ticket, please feel free to share this square format image on your instagram if you’re attending, click on it and save the full size :D

Official BlytheCon Vancouver instagram is @blytheconvancouver


Or if you prefer you can share either of this two images below on your websites/flickr/facebook! ^o^/ (click for larger version to resize or just download the 500 wide pixel images)


Can’t wait to see all of you guys there!

Eddy, Rambo, Marbles and Olive!

I follow @bunnymama on instagram for a while now and I love her bunnies! Bunnymama also is an advocate for being a responsible pet owner, adopting from shelters rather than buying a pet from shops.

Do lots of homework before getting a pet bunny (or any other pet) for your family! Bunnies require a lot more care and attention than most people think! And they can live for a lot longer when properly cared for! You can find out a lot more resources from eddyrambo.com. Even though I do not own any bunnies I learnt a lot from the links :)

On 19th September, I did a rough sketch and posted on instagram ^^ It was reposted on @eddyrambo and I decided I have to colour it when I have sometime.

And here it is coloured!  (and rearranged lol)

Some new products are available on HOPSHOP! All proceeds goes to animal shelters :)

Myself and husband do not keep bunnies BUT we do own a pair of rescue cats from a local no kill shelter, Ginko and Yoshi. I post almost daily photos of Ginko and Yoshi on instagram @puppychun ^^/

Above: Yoshi (tabbyboy) and Ginko (grey girl) brought a lot of joy to us which no money can buy! :) I draw a weekly comic strip for a Singaporean paper about “House with 2 cats”, and I was posting them on their website and on tapastic, but fell behind ^^; I hope to make time to continue translating and posting it on their webpage eventually ^^;

Thanks for looking!

Nobara Yukinokouji – Boku x Inu SS fan art

Was looking in my fan art folder and found this art from 2013 I didn’t complete the background for, so I did that and am sharing it lol. Recently acquired Clip Studio Paint and used their brushes to add some random nonsensical details :P I enjoyed Boku x Inu SS fan art, and liked some of the character designs XD

I haven’t been drawing for fun very much, I think people probably forget that I do LOL

Recently did a very quick doodle of something silly, inspired by a super talented artist Don Low

I don’t have an art page for my facebook BUT our cats Ginko and Yoshi have a facebook page ^^ and I do have a page for puppy52dolls – my doll clothing sewing ^o^ You’re super welcome to like them lol!

Thanks for looking! :3

Anime Revolution 2014

This year I shared a booth with a couple friends, I was selling some doll clothing and some postcard prints and buttons :3 I only managed to gather enough energy to take some photos of a few cosplayers on the 2nd day I think, just before we headed home ^^;

Below is Rikku from Final Fantasy X

click on for a few MOAR :P

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