Anime Revolution 2014

This year I shared a booth with a couple friends, I was selling some doll clothing and some postcard prints and buttons :3 I only managed to gather enough energy to take some photos of a few cosplayers on the 2nd day I think, just before we headed home ^^;

Below is Rikku from Final Fantasy X

click on for a few MOAR :P

Goku and Chunli ^o^

I’m not sure who she’s cosplaying as but her costume is so awesome XD!

Panty and Stocking? :D

I think this is Serena from Sailormoon with baby chibiusa (so cute <3!)

And these two girls in Lolita look so lovely I had to ask them for a photo ^o^/


I mostly stayed at our booth with the dolls lol you can check the blog entry here if you like :D

Thanks for looking! :3 And if anyone can help me name any characters I’ll be really grateful ^o^/

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