This week managed to finish a record speed little commission for Otaku Dan! :D Very happy to be chosen to refresh the mascot/logo, the mascot is so cute, like a mochi with ears, tail and glasses ^O^ ^^; want to eat it lol!

Click on image below to see the page introducing the art ^^/

I draw full time for but occassionally I do take a freelance commission or 2, have to squeeze it into free time sometimes if the commission has more details ^^; Each commission work is different, so charge and time to complete differ per client ^^;  Example if the mascot is a full size girl with detailed clothing etc, it’ll cost more than drawing a mochi mascot with a face and accessory :) Currently I have a couple things in queue ^^; (Sorry for the wait!)

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It’s been a LONG day but I thought okay I should do an update with actually an artwork before I hit the sack ^^; So Z kindly commissioned me to do a Light Yagami Fan art in Nendoriod/SD form ^^ (for a non commercial personal use). Thanks again Z for your kind support!

It was fun doing this piece and I am very glad you’re okay with me showcasing it (partially, cos Z gets the full view lol) :)

Usually with commission work, cost varies with amount of details, size and what it is use for etc :3 I don’t always show case every single piece of commission I do, partly due to privacy of the clients and also I tend to showcase what I’m more likely prefer to draw. I hope it does not look like I only draw anime style, I draw other style/stuff too but I preferred to be commissioned on more anime-ish style I guess! :) With my work related stuff usually I will double check with clients (Example Danny and CDE) before I post stuff here.

Why was today such a long day? I went to donate blood with the hubs, it is kinda my 2nd attempt to donate blood, first time I went with a friend (who has since relocated to USA) and my blood iron was barely enough, so I couldn’t donate. This time I actually got to the getting my blood drawn stage but I started feeling weird, so the nurses stopped the process ^^; Well hopefully better luck next time :P Hubs managed to donate successfully but he’s now so tired he went to bed early. (good boy) :P

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I’m a big fan of‘s 2 adorable mascots and I am trilled to be able to work with Danny to create some custom outfits for Mirai and Haruka :D. I guess the main challenge is to as seamlessly create the outfits in a style which match as closely and naturally to Azami Yuko sensei’s style.

I used a combination of Sai and a little bit of photoshop to create the outfits. And oh Dolphin san makes a special appearance by special request…

So which do you like better? White? Or Blue? Where’s the white sukumizu(the swimsuit) you say?  You’ll be able to find Mirai in the white version on ;D (link inserted)

Click on image below to get a larger version!

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So these few months, I had been pulled to do some non “doll” related work for cartoondollemporium (CDE), I am quite happy with what I had done, so I asked for permission to showcase some here.

The artwork below are all created in flash and it was quite challenging and rather time consuming to make little details via vector. I prefer to use the mouse to work with when drawing in flash as it gives me the cleaner edges I prefer for my artwork.

My personal favorite has to be the kitchen ^^! There are a few items in there were inspired by our own kitchen :P

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Kept busy last week+ by this one, while there’s a 23847234234 more things I can add to it, it’ll never be finish if I continue to do so lol. Be warned there’s music in this one ;)

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So what was keeping me rather busy for a while now was this new game/doll for cartoondollemporium, I’m quite happy with 2 of the hidden animals in this game XD

Be warned tho, there’s plenty of sound effects for this game so please turn down your volume if U view it late at nite :3

I have started on another one since last nite ^^;;;

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Hmmm this week was pretty much whipped to finish some work, so didn’t really have time to draw much, today took a little time off, cleaned up one of the simpler line art from the previous post, and started colouring a bit :P Doesn’t look too bad in this mode no?

I also sketched roughly and quickly a couple fan arts, not scanned yet tho ^^; maybe eventually :P

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Herru, felt like long time no blog ^^; Over the weekend, husband helped me reinstall my laptop’s OS, and that took a little bit longer to finish up.

On a better note, Gordon‘s “million dollar” mascot is finally somewhat completed. Unfortunately other than the million dollar fund transfer, my promised blythe doll in the mail has not arrived yet… (just kidding! :P) So I won’t be showing the full version just yet :P
Will be hammering out some details over e-mail later on :3

None art related tumblr post (food ahead warning :P)

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Finally made a bit of time to colour Gordon‘s “million dollar” mascot between work stuff ^^;
I left the stuff I don’t like to colour to the last (groan) will be trying to work on it more when I get a chance to ^^; Will probably do some tweaking as I go along ^^;

okay back to work work x_x

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Made a deal with the gordonator to draw his blog’s mascot for one million dollars… (LOL)

Once in a while when I feel inspired (or need some extra cash on the side), I do take commissions for illustration work. Pricing varies with the amount of details, whether or not there’s colouring, background involved, how soon it is needed — meaning the the more work/less time given for me to finish = I charge more etc etc. I do commission work a lot less these days as I am quite busy with my work with cartoondollemporium.

I know some of my artist friends open”slots” every other month open to have people commission them to draw some artwork, but I have not really done anything like that just yet. Other than work based illustrations I would like to have time to draw my own drawings ^^; This is when I wish I have 3 more drawing arms to help me out :P

Okie I won’t babble on ^^; Thanks for dropping by and have a great weekend :)

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