Richmond No Kill Shelter

Remember the Secret Cat Haven? (Thank you for everyone who wanted to donate and show their support!)  Their affiliated shelter RAPS (Richmond Animal Protection Society or RAPS) is having an open house from 12-3pm on 31 Dec 2010 to bring awareness and gather support. Location and contact information can be found here.

Ginko and Yoshi are adopted from RAPS, and we visit the shelter time to time to update them and also check out their cats :) Posted an entry at if you’re interested in more photos and a video of kittens at play~!

We’re extremely tempted to take this adorable tabby kitten home :P

Autumn bunny finding

I noticed that there are bunnies out and about these days, the weather and temperature seems to be suitable for them I guess :) And guess what I think we might have come across the bunny which induced a lot of “AWWWWWWW” when it was a bebe!!!! I embedded the video below the photo ;3 Video was uploaded in March 12, 2009

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I had a splash of inspiration and decided to try to enter the Threadless challenge! :D

Pretty please vote for my design! ^O^!

Other mumbo jumbo — cats and miscellaneous life/food documentation…

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Steveston adventures

Documenting some little details :)

Lucky sighting of a ladybug on a wild daisy ^^

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Short random stuff

Can’t remember stuff if I don’t post about it ^^;

I know I need to catch up on some art stuff and post them, but also want to keep track of what’s been going on, other than food abuse (LOL) ^^;

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Paper Lamp shades are delicious

Ginko thinks paper lampshades are yummy, and futher destroyed our lampshade in the living room ^^;

PS: I knew it was her because I saw her do it right in front of me :P

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Phew, been more than a week since I posted any entry ^^;/ Below are a couple rough doodles I did with my finger on the husband’s new toy… Can you guess what it is? :P

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LOL cats

Sorry, been busy ^^; will probably be busy for a while, but have to share these before I forget ^^; be warned tho, I couldn’t stop yawning when I edited these photos ^^;

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Chinka cosplay

Can this possibly be the first Chinka cosplay? Or should it be crossplay since Ginko (our cat) is actually a girl? ^^; Compare with Hibuse (the cat character in Chinka)

The furkids Ginko (Grey girl) and Yoshi (Tabby boy) has been shedding a lot, so I collected a bunch of their fur, not sure what to do… then we heard about Chinka from Danny

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Kittens need homes (Singapore based)

Heart breaking story of Ema here ;_;  (photos of Ema borrowed from FSC’s flickr)

FSC is a long time friend of mine, who used to be a quiet shy being who loves drawing beyond anyone I ever know. Now a serious cat lover and travelling artist, FSC’s family already have a few cats in their home — all rescued :3

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