Strolling Mouse

Messing with flash lol! Had a bit too much fun ^^;;;;

Illustration documentation

Worked on some illustrations for Steven Nagata san a long while back ^^;

I think I came back from Japan last year, (and after destroying the poor LX3’s LCD screen on the first day of the trip) I took a lot less pictures =_= until I got the iphone 4S ^^;

Which is your favorite? :D I have to say I like the cheers, and the military themed one :P


Mio Akiyama fan art completed

Took a bit longer to finish this one up as I decided to add some detail to the instrument she was holding (ahem). Her bass guitar was drawn in Flash, exported into PNG file then paste into photoshop and lightly edited.  Previous line art progress here.

Click on image below to access full view, please note full view image is likely NSFW since there’s nudity — despite being conservatively nude :P

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Work stuff ^^;

So these few months, I had been pulled to do some non “doll” related work for cartoondollemporium (CDE), I am quite happy with what I had done, so I asked for permission to showcase some here.

The artwork below are all created in flash and it was quite challenging and rather time consuming to make little details via vector. I prefer to use the mouse to work with when drawing in flash as it gives me the cleaner edges I prefer for my artwork.

My personal favorite has to be the kitchen ^^! There are a few items in there were inspired by our own kitchen :P

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Romantic proposal flash dolls on cartoondollemporium

Kept busy last week+ by this one, while there’s a 23847234234 more things I can add to it, it’ll never be finish if I continue to do so lol. Be warned there’s music in this one ;)

Paw and Burger, Puppyclock and Polling results

Did a quick art for practice (within an hour plus) completely in computer, no tracing of a scanned line art ^^ my Sai application has since expired so I used a more round about way to use it just for “inking” since I preferred the line quality :) Currently, you can click on the image below to get a slightly larger version. This image is also updated onto the Gallery page under colour ^^/

Some of you may have noticed this little guy on the side since yesterday? As inspired by the adorable Hatsune Miku clock on some of you peep’s blogs out there, in between 2342346876 things to do, I was researching on how to make my own blog clock lol, I suppose maybe someday I will try to see if I can allow the clock to be used elsewhere if anyone is interested? Also I got some suggestions regarding the Puppy’s reaction, like making it poop and such, will…. think about it lol

Also finally decided to close the poll on the side for now, looks like the gallery is staying as is for now :P Thanks everyone for voting!

okay gotta get back to the hamster wheel…. laters!

Haruka Wallpaper – version 2

Since the first version, some changes have happened, so I now present to you the version 2 of the Haruka Wallpapers ^^/

1024 x 768
1600 x 1200
1680 x 1050 (16:10)

Interested in the flash version? Go here or visit the Gallery page for more flash ^^/
Updated tumblr with evil food related post :P

Farmer girl flash doll on cartoondollemporium

So what was keeping me rather busy for a while now was this new game/doll for cartoondollemporium, I’m quite happy with 2 of the hidden animals in this game XD

Be warned tho, there’s plenty of sound effects for this game so please turn down your volume if U view it late at nite :3

I have started on another one since last nite ^^;;;

Lollibunny on cartoondollemporium

Sorry, don’t mean to drop off the face of the earth like this ^^; Had just been way too busy with out of town visitor and trying to catch up with work and all! x_x
So glad I got a flash doll finished yesterday! I present to you Lollibunny ! I hope you like her!

Actually asked Husband to check her out after I was done, he said with long straight pink hair this doll reminds him of Moka Akashiya (赤夜 萌香, Akashiya Moka) from Rosario + Vampire. I had to LOL when I heard that XD we had been watching the series out of boredom :P
Anyhows the image below is the doll in one of her many changeable get ups ^O^/

Yesterday was my “working at friend’s shop” day, so I did some sketching while I was there. Hope to scan and upload soon!

Tumblring food abuse

This is not good ^^;;;;;

Do not look if U hungree late at night with no food in kitchen, you be warned!

Added a new top for Babyblue flash ^^/ (hit refresh if U still see the previous version)