Copic Markers

Almost forgot to document a couple sketches of fan art done to include with a couple out going packages for the dolly related stuff :)

Asuka Langley Soryu fan art was a sketch included in a sewing work which I caught up a while ago. (see owner pictures on

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Art on Cards :)

Yesterday was at da shop again, did some hand drawn cards as I carelessly did not order enough cards to send out! (doh!) But the people who’re getting the original version, I hope they like it cos I think they turned out better than I expected :D

I managed to take a picture before I seal and pack the hand drawn cards so here’s a lookie! :3 I used my trusty pilot drawing pen (size 0.3) and copic markers to draw and colour them since I don’t have access to my computer/printer at the shop ^^;/ Background for this little collage below is added in photoshop at home tho ^^;/

Top left, Uchi xmas version ^^/, cupcake (For a birthday card)
Bottom left, white xmas bear in xmas socks and SD santa girl ^^

I may recolour Uchi in computer later on (took a picture of the ink art before I coloured with markers) ^^

And oh yesterday before I left for the shop, was informed that zazzle had featured a card template I recently made under Today’s best of December 4th!

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