Girl changing (Pantsu warning) coloured ^^

Did a quick colour ^^;
Click on image below for full view, I have also updated it into Gallery along with the CutewithChris fan art from the previous entry :)

Okay time to make dinner ^^; laters!

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  1. gordon
    gordon says:

    nice. looking at this pic kinda reminds me of something.

    how do most people take off their shirt? some like to take the bottom of the shirt and pull it upwards over their head like what the girl in the pic is doing.

    while some like to take the collar of the shirt and pull it over their head.

    the first method is easier but one has to take off their glasses and the shirt will be in reserve after taking off.

    the 2nd method is harder, even more so if long sleeves but the shirt will not be in reserve after taking off.

    pardon for the long comment. ^_^

  2. Mimi
    Mimi says:

    Hauu so cute, she makes me feel all pervy inside lol the last time i peeked at a girl’s underwear it said “hi loser” on it! (´∀`)/

  3. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    Mimi lol! who’s underwear U peeked at?!

    Gordon lol I think guys tend to pull it from the collar? (well that’s what I notice anyways) why does these questions sound a bit naughty :P LOL

  4. puppy52doll
    puppy52doll says:

    Patrick I e-mailed you ^^; I hope you’re not spamming my blog :P cos if U are I’ll have to delete your comment ^^;

    xJaymanx I dunno what you’re suggesting :P

  5. Blowfish
    Blowfish says:

    I actually dont know how im taking off my shirts…Never really thought about it,but i think i grab it at the bottom.
    Interesting question Gordon! ^^

    Ontopic: Yummy Yum Yum XD

  6. Coco the Bean
    Coco the Bean says:

    Now that I think about it, I usually take off shirts by putting my arm through the sleeves and then pulling it over my head. But I use this girl’s method for tighter shirts/tops. ^^

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