Girl changing (Pantsu warning) coloured ^^

Did a quick colour ^^;
Click on image below for full view, I have also updated it into Gallery along with the CutewithChris fan art from the previous entry :)

Okay time to make dinner ^^; laters!

Slightly NSFW inked art and Fan art of CutewithChris ^^

It feels like I haven’t made art posts for a while? ^^; I apologise greatly, just been soooooo busy and a bit burnt out, now I feel like I’m on standby mode still for work ^^;;;

Anyways I hope this image maybe make up for it for some of you :P
Click image below to see full view…
There is pantsu in full view, so U been warned :P

This image was inspired by something my hubby said when we saw a text printed on the back of a pantsu at a clothing store on sunday lol! It’s obviously not completed yet as I need to find time to colour ^^;

Question tho, do you think you will buy a print of an image (full coloured) like this — as in girl showing Pantsu?

I did of a sketch of chris from about a few weeks ago ^^; Got to quickly vector arted it :P I’ll pop it in my Gallery when I have a chance later on ^^ Once in a while I do take portriat-ish commissions but I prefer to draw more anime-mangaish style stuff so it’s quite rare that I do it ^^; I also tend to make guys look like girls ^^;;;;;

First hamster on cutedown *drum roll*

Uchi!! (Uchi: wah me?!)

I know this doesn’t have much to do with my drawings so I will move this over to tumblr after the cute down is completed!
Uchi for Mayor! (or something) Watch cute with chris episode 158
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Thank you :)

Weekend activities

Usually I’m unable to post much artwork on weekends as I am mostly not at home ^^; I recently started on a Horo sketch but I don’t really like how it is turning out so I am not gonna post it here, hopefully I can come up with a better pose ^^!

However if you’re interested in food, pets and random pictures, my tumbler had been recently updated :) I definitely have some nice pictures of cherryblossoms coming up later on!

I was going to blog about cutewithchris‘s Live in Toronto show but it sold out in less than an hour! :O (we’re so proud of him tho!)

I got Uchi to help me call in to check for tickets but unfortunately we weren’t able to get any…
As you can see I needed to bribe the little guy a bit LOL

Inspirational people –

All your dreams are… Alive!

I was checking out some links I check every other day (Sometimes everyday or hour :P) and I noticed that Chris was doing a wrap up on his recent Live show. I watched it and felt like I was so moved I could cry. Chris owns on the internet and he posts movie clips he produces by himself every monday.

Chris’ regular weekly shows are not usually so “documentary”, they’re mostly entertaining and humorous in a slightly twisted manner, filled with cuteness and sometimes (if not all the time) drips with sarcasm and also includes a plastic horse or 2 for laughs ;D (okay and some hot people here and there too)

You probably would think that short clip each week is probably easy to make. But trust me it is not, having been in hours of recording to make 10 minutes clips before, I know Chris definitely puts effort to make it happen almost every monday possibly with his precious weekends, who knows possibly weekdays too, when a lot of people probably just want to relax and enjoy themselves.

I had the sheer luck to run into him in person May of 2007 when I was out on a small blythedoll meeting, and since he actually asked about our dolls that brave man (LOL)! I thought he looked familiar, and realized that he is Chris from (what a small world!) Funny thing was, I actually had came across his site ages ago when he (randomly?) added me on myspace — possibly kinda like “handing out free tickets” to watch his show. I guess his shows had made an impression because it was pretty quirky and unique and I tend to remember faces :P

The point of this post is? Go check out! I would like to help hand out some “free tickets” to his online shows!