Seeing Red

Red thanks all those who voted for her by forcing me to post this artwork (quickly done, and not full size ^^;) before the long weekend :P

Original characters

I was often asked “Who are you drawing?” whenever I draw a person (Mostly girls), most of them are nameless characters except for a few… I quickly sketched this doodle out, and coloured roughly on photoshop. ^^

BBlue is probably one of the first characters I ever created (and actually remembered) for an online chatting site. She’s probably eternally 19 years old, gentle and smart, very girly but a bit stubborn.

Paw is boisterous and silly, loud and sometimes a bit annoying. She’s the most tomboyish of the lot. Her hair was sometimes reddish rather than dark blue :) I think I draw her the most.

Red is a character I almost scratched, but I do like her mature and curvy design. She has a mysterious occupation (a spy maybe?) And is quite athletic despite her feminine look.

Ahmin is probably the most exposed and long running original character I have created so far. In fact I cannot even remember which year I created her o_o; but it is a long time ago ^^;
The funny thing was she was initially supposed to be a male character but I asked for her to be a tomboy instead since girls are cuter and have more fun with fashion (and they accepted the idea). You may still see her reporting on anime/manga/comics related news about once a week on the Chinese Daily paper Lianhe Zaobao in Singapore.

Of course there’s also the character, May, whom I created as the cover girl of my first book, from Puppy with Love. I hope to some day revive her if I settle down on a good storyline :)

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