Foxy girl Sketch

This is possibly the first doodle/quick sketch of 2009?

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Mirai Yukino chan! Happy 2009!

This is a semi test post! Haven’t been able to update my blog for a little bit due to some weird bug ^^;, mucked around a bit and I hope it’s working nao (fingers crossed).  Like I mentioned before, I am very pleased to managed to get a special arrival before the new year, her name is Mirai Yukino! ^O^ She is a Dollfie Dream :)

For moar pix clickie here ^^/!

What was I doing on New Year eve? Preparing a feast food! :P I got some help here and there and hubs cleaned up most of it (with some help from me of course), so I really shouldn’t complain, we also have some left over to help us tide over the ridiculous amount of snow we been getting…
(We’re kinda trapped at home again! =_=;)
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photo comic strip ^^

This morning, I was chatting with an old friend, Rex from furryfish (they specialise in flash animation, graphic and web design) back in Singapore. And he brought up a dog meets hydrant idea when he saw one of my recent photos lol!

I must admit it is not the most unique idea, I mean… what else can happen when a dog meets hydrant?
But do click here or on the image below to see the full version with a special message ;P!

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Happy late Halloween!

Couldn’t managed to finish a halloween art in colour ;_;
couple days back, made a halloween paper hand puppet tutorial for dolls tho :3

And a wonderful thing happened this afternoon, my teeshirts I ordered (even before I created dannychoo mascot tees) finally came in the mail ^^; I think it is mostly due to a long weekend “bump” which caused my mail to be trapped at customs ^^; I had people joked that the people at customs were wearing my tees and I gonna get armpitstains on my shirts ^^;;;

So I ordered three shirts to star along with some other items which arrived sooner than the teeshirts. The dark teeshirts take a bit longer to be printed, so the shirts were sent out a bit later. I ordered the wrong size for my third teeshirt tho!  SO, I wonder if I should list it somewhere for sale for someone’s daughter ^^; Or something…  Not to worry no armpit stains on that tee ^^; Here’s couple pix of me and hubs wearing our tees.
Click the images below to see a larger image of the print of tee :)

My Meow in box teeshirt is somewhat fitted, and made of a thinner material but it’s very soft to the touch and the image is very nicely printed on, almost as if they printed directly on the teeshirt ^^; Please excuse if I look like I am ready for winter (tubby) :P

Husband’s Puppy shock teeshirt‘s print is very nice and vibrant colour, at first we thought the teeshirt was a bit big, but thankfully it fits fine, just a bit long. ^^

I will write a feedback again when I have a chance to wash both tees lol, to those who are curious no there is no armpit stains, not to worry lol!

If you’re interested in any of the zazzle products, check them out here :D Big thank you everyone who bought something! I’ll be getting my own Tare-dannychoo + mascots tees at the next zazzle discount! ^^;;;

Any one dressed up for Halloween? Or went trick and treating?
This year me and my husband were pretty last minute — he bought his “nail thru head” for $5 at a shop during lunch time.  I think he liked it a lot as he was wearing it almost all afternoon, even when he was cleaning in the kitchen ^^; I made mine super quickly before I baked some muffins, we had his siblings and spouses over for dinner (potluck) :P

Have a lovely weekend!

Tumblr and doll bits

Tumblred about a whimsical toy from Kid’s Meal at BurgerKing :P

Updated my dolly blog with some comparison pix of Obitsu body I recently acquired ^^
Sorry about lack of personal drawings, just been busy with a pending deadline (which was pushed back lol) so hopefully will be slightly more active later on ^^;
And for those who purchased the Tare-Danny+Mascot tee-shirts, thank you so much! :)

Non drawing-ish post

I apologize for the lack of posts, drawings etc ^^; been busy work life etc, and sometimes drawing have to take a back seat ^^;

Tumblred, a bit of pets tactics, a bit of flowers, and food at the end :P

In between some time I painted… faces on fabric, made these 2 bit by bit over a few days ^^; quite tricky to make ^^; I guess I could make these cos some parts of them are hand sewn, I can stay in front of the computer to do that :P  A few more pix at :)

yet another food tumblr

This MONTH has been pretty crazy so far, other than tons of personal errands, a wedding to attend, activities with out of town relatives etc etc etc, it was almost as if we’re trying to squeeze everything into the last bits of summer ^^; Here’s a back dated food related tumblr, view at own risk (esp if U’re hungry and there’s no access to food) you been warned ^^;

Not my puppy :P

On a non food abuse related note, Meow and me got into the feature video on! Won’t tell you which one is me lol! It was only a passing split second, Meowmeow was on for longer at the end ;P

And gasp, no CG last week?! Sorry was working on CDE’s work stuff whenever I could ^^;;; no time for personal art for now ^^; Blythe Charity sewing related auction has started, more information on :)

And if anything remotely close to doodling, I doodled a quick one for a girlfriend’s birthday last evening :3

Tumblr – Food and findings

At Pyoro’s request, I decided to find some time to tumblr about our food abuse (lol).
We went to try out a new place down town by the name of Barefoot Kitchen (or Kitchen Barefoot), the little feets belong to one of my blythe doll, I think I will post pix of her at the restaurant later at :P My doll has her feet on the menu lol ^o^

So click the photo below to see the tumblr entry ^^/

Toy related tumblr and

Did a tumblr update about a story behind a pleasant surprise lol

Husband was remarking I haven’t updated in a while, I must admit I had definitely been neglecting that site (oops) ^^; But today I did an update regarding Daisy and Clover — my entry to last year’s Blythe Beauty Contest ^^

Okay next post will be an art post, I promise… ^^;

Lady Emerald – gift painting

As some of you may know, I am pretty into of dolls, namely a kind called blythes, some people may not like them or find them creepy, which I can understand (since the first time I came across them it wasn’t a “love at first sight”) thing either :P And by the way is unfortunately a little neglected these days as I am really able to sew very much :( I miss sewing and messing with my dolls (wah!)

Anyways I had been so busy that this piece of water olour was the only thing I got to finish up as I needed to meet a dateline to send it out (oops) it is a portrait — in my drawing style, of a world travelling blythe doll ^^

I think it turned out okay?

Anyways this weekend had been rather busy, we had a garage sale at our old place
More details tumblred XD