Mirai Suenaga Cheerleader

Haven’t drawn Mirai chan for a while ^^;

You can find the massive size image at

Deviant art:

I have made the dollfie dream size outfit which is currently on way to Danny at the moment, you can see some photos at this link  or click on image below :3

Anime Revolution Mascot

Okay been a while since I drew a fan art, did this in between lunch time ^^; Will put this into my gallery later ^^;

This is Mei Senkaku, adorable Mascot of Anime Revolution :D Thanks everyone for your votes! I really appreciate it :D

Click to view larger version :)

Okay gotta get other stuff done… have a good week peeps :D

Paw and Blue stickers

Made new stickers at my zazzle shop :D

Hope you like the new stickers of Paw and Blue ^o^

Maridah Saber fan art

…with a twist! (click image below for larger art)

I’ve always wanted to draw a fan art of Maridah san, my most favorite Saber cosplayer (EVER) lol and when she talked about wanting to get a necomimi…. I HAD TO DO IT!!! LOL (in between other stuff, like laundry and housework etc ^^;)  I did it rather quickly so some of the details like hair and clothes are not very refined, but I think I am quite happy with this piece of art despite it being somewhat rushed :P

I will put this into my gallery later ^^/ Thanks for looking!

ALSO, for those who want a Waffle the cat or Happy puppy zazzle teeshirt, Zazzle is having a 50% off their teeshirt until tomorrow! :)

Mirai Curry version 2

Ah!!! Mirai Curry has a version 2 already! I had the pleasure to draw version 1 lol

Someday I’ll go to Japan and eat it!!! :P

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Waffles the cat Tee-shirt

Brief background: Waffles is the name of an adorable scottish fold cat which belong to a couple of my friends in the states <3 Waffles has his own facebook page which has a lot more photos ;)!

With kind permission from Waffle’s owners, currently a couple Waffles tee shirts are listed on Zazzle :)

I set the option to white tee-shirts only, due to that I think the white teeshirt prints are more satisfactory.  All sales on my zazzle are generally used on stickers/name cards to give out ^^;/ I will probably make some designs to make stickers too :D

Kids size L will fit the smaller ladies

For the guys and girls who prefer a looser fit :)

Waffles the Cat

Waffles is the name of an adorable scottish fold cat which belong to a couple of my friends in the states <3

Everytime I see Waffles, I kinda want to have some icecream waffles which um inspired the doodle above (tummy rumbles) ^^; Waffles has his own facebook page which has a lot more photos ;)!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter :D Hehe We had some white eggs so I managed to save a couple egg shells when I was cooking, used the better one to make this art below XD

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Tentacle Grape

Had the pleasure to work with J-List earlier this year and came up with these art work ^o^/

Which is your favorite? I particularly liked the Mio one after I was done lol!

Danny and Jlist are currently running a contest where you can design an image and win some Tentacle grape juice! XD And I included a few random doodles under cut :)

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Random documentation

Oops, have been neglecting my blogs ^^; had been busy, and the weather wasn’t very fantastic for photos… so haven’t taken much ^^; Some random bits and bobs accumulated and I will post them here :)

Lovely teeshirts get from Yu chann, Moe and her papa Alvin I heard that some of these Tee shirts were snatched up at the cosfest in Singapore :) I was commissioned to draw Yu chann and Moe over the past months :3

Some more random photos, including evil food pix under the cut :P You has been warned…

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