Baking is fun!

I can has cheese cake? Muffin style ^^;

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Another food related tumblr :P

^^; sorry so much food related posts ^^; Ever felt inspired when you see other people’s photos? I was inspired by 2 friends’ photos about Dutch Baby Pancake so I tried it out ^^

I hope next week will return to more normal art postings ^^; going out soon, so laters!

Fresh from the kitchen :)

One of my favourite activities is food related which includes cooking and eating LOL, gonna try having some food related entries :P (unless there’s violent objections!)

The top crust became like this cos I made the crust portion too thin ^^;

Took the crust portion and some of the instructions from here. The bun part, I used my favorite bread machine recipe and let bread machine make the dough :)

The serving for the bun dough was for more than 5 buns of course, so I used the rest for a pizza, which I will talk about a bit more later on ;)