Before leaving the house today I was on the internet briefly, and found that the “special version” (18+) is on the news item of!

Warning: If you’re offended by art nudity, please check out the other version which I had posted sometime last week instead.

If it isn’t obvious enough, I’m a big fan of the cute mascot of — Mirai Suenaga, and had wanted to make a flash doll of her for a while now. I’m not sure if the april fool prank of 2008 which danny pulled had anything to do with the process being speeded up (LOL), but I’m quite pleased with the result! :3

When I have time in future I hope to add more items into her wardrobe!

If you enjoy dressing up electronic dolls, I am currently doing work for cartoondollemporium making kid safe dolls (meaning underwear is not removable). Cartoondollemporium have a large selection of dolls and games in different styles on site :D

Had been busy creating this doll for cartoondollemporium ^^ I am rather pleased with how it turned out! :D Here’s a simplified sneak preview, the final doll in cartoondollemporium will have more items to play with and music ;) Will post the link when it’s ready!

Click the art below to view the flash doll, I have also updated it into the Gallery page ^^/

Full version with music and extra items now on cartoondollemporium!

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When I saw the new sketch by Yuko Azami sensei, I had to try my hand at colouring Mirai!
I ended up making a flash doll (well partly for practice with the flash coding, it is still a little bit messy– the coding that is ^^; ).
Be warned: the full picture has her panties showing, so it is probably not be safe for viewing at work! ^^;

Click the text links below to view:
Flash version / Still version

Also updated into Gallery page ^^
Original sketch by Azami sensei here (Panty warning as well!)

Okay gotta get some lunch and continue with other work, laters!

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Uchi with extra items and music, now on CDE!

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Just practicing making these flash dollies ^^ what better excuse to do a fan art of Saka‘s cute mascot :3

a bigger version of the test art in Sai is now in Gallery page ^^/

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What are you waiting for? Go play with Uchi XD
I’ll try to add more stuff to him in future :3

twitter and tumblr links are also updated into Artist page ^^/
Okie back to work ^^;

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The flash doll I made a while back is now lightly animated, she blinks once in a while, and you can see that she has a few more extra clothing :) I also animated the background a little with an idea brewing in my head for a while now, I hope you like the changes made so far!

Link to the doll in gallery is just updated :3 clicking on the image below takes you directly to the flash doll page ^^/

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