Shop sketches…

So yesterday I was working at the shop again, so I had some time to sketch a bit ^^

I’ll feature my favourite of the three at the top :P  Dunno why I got this idea LOL the triangle mouth was drawn after I couldn’t decide on the mouth ^^; the SD on the side could be better lol but the idea is there :P

Anyhows, yes another Ranka Lee fan art (LOL) I didn’t have reference to the bottom part of her dress, so I improvised :P
I wonder if I am a closet Ranka Lee fan in denial? :P
I tried to draw Sheryl too but I made her look horrible, so I not showing :P

I walked to work cos I missed the bus (oops)
and walked passed this visual (well from memory) I suppose if I painted it or shaded a bit more it’d look less flat :P And yes I do draw (try to) other stuff other than girls ^^

Sketches post…

Sorry for being MIA for a few days ^^; Had been kinda under the weather over the weekend :( and was busy with work last week =_=;

Quickly scanned 3 doodles to post ^^ I forgot to date this one, so not sure when did I sketched it (oops) but yes another Ranka Lee sketchu desu. ^^; While I’m not the biggest fan of her I do like her outfits in the anime :3

A girl with cake, and a nurse with syringe ^^;;;;

Haruhi commands you to check out Summer report on tumblr :P

Ranka Lee completed

*Moving some posts I have cached into fire fox over :3

Yes actually got to completing it ^^; inked in Sai, coloured in photoshop ^^

Click image below to see full view

okay er should get some sleep soon ^^;;;;
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