Hi, thanks for dropping by this temporary blog while puppy52.com is still down, please kindly check here and twitter for latest updates :)

As for the lack of updates, had just been too d**n busy :P

So here’s a recording of busy on tumblr. Be warned, there’s plenty of food pix ahead! :P

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http://puppy52.googlepages.com/miraimark_s.jpg Looks like Danny like the image so much he decided to use it as a censor mark lol! We’re very honoured :D You be warned, this link showing mirai mark in action will lead to something not suitable for kids o_o;

While I was at it I made a Haruka shocku version as well :P you may have already seen it here…

The artwork below was posted on poopy52.blogspot.com, I should be closing that place (or something) soonish :3

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Danny choo recently unveiled his site mascot’s adorable sister, Haruka chan (kawaiiiiiiiiiiii~~~).
We got some secret files from him, so I mucked around with it a bit and present to you…

Important: The original art is by lovely Azami Yuko sensei. ^^;> I changed the face ^^; I hope she doesn’t mind my mucking around with her art ^^;;;; I credit the idea for (“she just saw something dirty on dannychoo” look) to fatB — a member I befriended on dannychoo.com :P

I think Mirai‘s look probably speaks volumes of how I felt when I found out the reason why my site was down LOL. Please check my twitter for latest updates of puppy52.com status, I am unable to give an exact date when it will be back again (weeps) but I will do it as soon as I get news :3

Entry was moved back to puppy52.com

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