Moe Passion Mascot fan art 2

Been a while since I posted anything art related ^^; been busy sewing amongst other stuff, I need to clone myself :P

Punynari san is generously holding another contest for his adorable mascot Sakura-chan, when I saw it I know I had to find time to take part again ^^;

Click to full view ^^/

I included another version where Sakura chan is wearing a different coloured swimwear and with her wings :3

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Moe Passion Mascot fan art

Took a break from other stuff I working on to do a quick CG submission for the Moe Passion Artwork contest held by punynari san ^o^

Click image below to view a larger version

Quite happy with how she turned out even tho it’s done pretty quickly ^^; I thought she looked cute without wings too so included a wing-less version under the cut :3

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