Back in time…

Was digging for some old comic strips and found a few which made me feel nostalgic :P

I used to work with FSC – at a multimedia company :3

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Blast from the past

Saw i_pup tweeted about finding an old print-out of my old fan art, and I went to did a quick dig around for some old files and found a few… kinda nostalgic ^^;

Some of the artwork were actually auctioned off when I went to my 1st and 2nd anime expo in LA :) Above is an watercolour/gouache piece, it’s probably one of my personal favourite :) her pose was likely referred from a photograph, and dress etc referred from the original artworks at the time. I’m not sure if I still have a large original scan of it tho ^^;

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Old art revisited and a priceless gift

Was digging up some archived stuff, found an old fan art of Iori (from I”s) I unfortunately cannot locate where the original PSD was (oops). This piece of fan art I actually submitted to Katsura’s official site before, when it was still around. :)

Also found a scan of the Masakazu Katsura’s autograph which my dear friend Saka got for me during a convention.(I still feel very touched!!!) Would be nice if I were actually at the convention in person, but I think it just happened that I couldn’t afford it then ;_;

I leave you with a photo of an event which changed my life forever :P Was taking part in the World’s longest comic strip when I was in my teens… Ah so nostalgic LOL!

Old comic art revisited

So I been quite busy with work, but I had been meaning to put some older work up tho (Like REALLY old stuff). Pardon the quality of my old art ^^; ), and I also wanted to test out some flash related coding ^^; I hope it works without breaking anyone’s internet :P

This little story was from one of the Manga Doomei publications (kinda like a group collaboration) and the story happened to be one of my personal favourite (other than that my artwork is really not up to standard LOL) I should be putting this file into gallery later on :)

Question: ^^; Should I put comics on a flash template?
Anyone cannot see anything under this sentence?

Water colour art from 2003 recently implemented a new upload feature, I had been mucking around with it every once in a while :P Today I found a piece of water colour artwork done in 2003, a gift for my hubby actually ^^

I still quite like it, so I asked if he would mind if I share it on the internet, he said go ahead, so here it is ^^
You can find a higher resolution here on ;P Of course I won’t be uploading all my artwork on dannychoo LOL but I hope the viewers there enjoy it :)

Have a great weekend, it’s gonna be another busy one for us (phew!)