Was digging up some archived stuff, found an old fan art of Iori (from I”s) I unfortunately cannot locate where the original PSD was (oops). This piece of fan art I actually submitted to Katsura’s official site before, when it was still around. :)

Also found a scan of the Masakazu Katsura’s autograph which my dear friend Saka got for me during a convention.(I still feel very touched!!!) Would be nice if I were actually at the convention in person, but I think it just happened that I couldn’t afford it then ;_;

I leave you with a photo of an event which changed my life forever :P Was taking part in the World’s longest comic strip when I was in my teens… Ah so nostalgic LOL!

Felt like drawing a fan art from one of my long time favourite Mangaka, Masakazu Katsura‘s works for a while now, and did this sketch somewhat quickly in between a break from work related stuff.

I liked it better when Konoha has longer hair, but somehow picked this version (younger version) to do a fan art instead :P End up heavily modifying the sketch in photoshop too, so I guess I’m not too satisfied with this piece ^^; May end up not colouring this but try to sketch the longer hair version later I hope!

Also Tumblred a bit, mostly food related :P
Okay back to work >_<;

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