Lollibunny on cartoondollemporium

Sorry, don’t mean to drop off the face of the earth like this ^^; Had just been way too busy with out of town visitor and trying to catch up with work and all! x_x
So glad I got a flash doll finished yesterday! I present to you Lollibunny ! I hope you like her!

Actually asked Husband to check her out after I was done, he said with long straight pink hair this doll reminds him of Moka Akashiya (赤夜 萌香, Akashiya Moka) from Rosario + Vampire. I had to LOL when I heard that XD we had been watching the series out of boredom :P
Anyhows the image below is the doll in one of her many changeable get ups ^O^/

Yesterday was my “working at friend’s shop” day, so I did some sketching while I was there. Hope to scan and upload soon!