Freebies anyone? Eerr something like that ^^;

Was talking to a few peeps about giving out stuff (yes you did not read wrongly) on my site, sorry it probably won’t be figures ^^; I don’t get figures for free (like a certain someone *cough* lol)

Things cost a lot more here than in Asia, and shipping on top of it just makes it not very worth while =_=; I’m not earning a lot (yet), sad to say lol
If anything it might be a publication included an original sketch (or something)… any interests? May put it as a lucky draw or contest :P Comments are welcome ^^/

Also, I must apologize for the lack of artwork these days, just been too busy ^^;

Yesterday I work at a friend’s shop (just helping out) when I do that I try to do some sketching between the slower hours (other than terrorizing …among other things ^^; )

I present to you, BabyBlue in bikini ^^

Three girls going shopping on a nice summer day (today’s weather is so not summer :P) I guess the girl with her hair down is BBlue also ;)

A random girl came into the shop last week, I really liked how her hair fall around her face and shoulders, so I drew this :) she was quite a pretty girl too :P

Updated a couple links at my Links page ^^;/ I need to do some anchors soon since the links page is growing again ^^;;;;

Cat and Bunny girls

Felt like drawing this, ended up inking and coloring it ^^; Full view in Gallery page :D

I am not sure how I am going to make a go to previous pages link at the bottom, since I am not hosting on blogger (oops) think it is a sticky matter to deal with, as I am not good at coding… ;_;

So, I am going to at least try to link to wallpaper I created with my artwork on the side, under the navigation buttons :) Currently Mirai wallpaper is linked there ^^/ Need to find time/inspiration to make the bikini girl into wallpapers :P

I have also updated a few links into Links page, gotta find some ways to categorize the links properly ^^;

Okay it’s way past bed time… goodnite!

Gallery updated with Haruhi fan art

Gallery updated with a Haruhi Suzumiya fan art (with an inside joke) :P

Couple more links added in Links page!